[Beauty 101] How to Get Sexy Pouty Lips


Do you ever envy the girls who rock the sexy Angelina Jolie or Kylie Kardashian lips? How do you get that sexy pout that no one can resist? Well, you are in luck as we have the answers for you! The solution is easy and it’s to take advantage on the power of makeup. If you have no idea how to do it, do not worry as we will guide you step by step down below. Now let’s get those pouty plump lips!

1.     Power of concealer


First and foremost, is to apply concealer on your lips and around it. This helps make a fake wider canvas of your lips. Dab on the shade that suits your skin tone. Make sure that your lips are not cracked and are perfectly moisturized.

2.     Use a lip liner


Apply lip liner which has the almost the similar shade as your natural lip colour a little bit over your own lip line. This is to create a base and helps to lift the look of your lips giving an illusion of having bigger lips. For a 3D effect, use your lip liner and contour your lips by drawing three lines as well as shading the corner of the bottom lips as well. Once this is done, dab on your lipstick evenly. Use matte lipstick for that natural sexy pout look.

3.     Play with highlights


Take your highlighter and highlight your cupid bow as this helps to create the look of your lips pushing forward together. After that, dab some of the highlighter onto the middle of both upper and bottom lips to give that sexy kissable touch.


4.     Shadow Contour


Once this is all done, contour under your middle bottom lips to create a shadow like touch. This will make it seem that your lips look plumper than usual.


Now you can rock your pouty lips everywhere you go. So what are your makeup tricks to get kissable lips? Share it in the comment section below.