[Beauty 101] How to Get the Coachella 2018 Inspired Beauty Looks


Coachella was a success with its hype performances and amazing festival feels. Although we may feel envy with those who got the chance to experience it, it does not mean we can’t bring some of that Coachella vibe in our life right now. With its serious Summer beauty inspirations, we are bringing you some Coachella 2018 inspired looks that you could pull off with confidence right in your hometown.   

1.    Mermaid Eyes


This shimmery aquamarine cat-eye and beach hair look is absolutely captivating for this year’s Coachella. It definitely represents the freedom vibe and perfect to give your outfits that pop of sexy element.  

Get the look: 

ELIZABETH ARDEN  Custom Eyeshadow Trio - Something Blue 02 (WN)

ELIZABETH ARDEN  Custom Eyeshadow Trio - Something Blue 02 (WN)

2.    Bedazzle!


Apparently, bedazzling your face or body has become a THING! And this is one of the popular Coachella 2018 look that women are flaunting throughout the festival. Serving as an accessory to your outfits, this is definitely a creative beauty look that you can pull off with confidence.


3.    Sun Kissed Look


For the strong confident women who want that natural Summer glow, the sun kissed makeup look will be the perfect choice. This Coachella beauty look is great for you to pull from day to night. By applying bronzer and highlighting your face, rock that look with your hair down and enjoy the day feeling sexy.


4.    Bold & Strong


Rocking that sexy smokey eyes look with matte lip look fits well with any Coachella outfit change. This is absolutely a versatile beauty look that women can pull off in any OOTD. The sexy smokey + matte lip look will never get old! But do enhance this beauty look with some statement earrings to complete the package.

Get the look: 

                                 ELIZABETH ARDEN Eye Palette Trio - Center Stage Limited Ed.

                                ELIZABETH ARDEN Eye Palette Trio - Center Stage Limited Ed.

5.    Retro


Ladies can also release their inner rock star aura by rocking the dark lips look while flaunting the round retro sunglasses. Let your lips do the talking in this case.

Get the look:


So what is your best Coachella inspired beauty looks from the list? Let us know in the comment section below.