[Beauty 101] Skincare Tips for Every Decade of Your Life


by Joyce Chua from

The quest for clear, healthy, radiant skin doesn’t end even when we’re well past puberty. While we had to contend with pimples — and for some of us, acne — during our teenage years, there isn’t a point when we are finally done with all that and finally, magically, get gorgeous skin. It is an ongoing quest, one that requires us to make adjustments and focus on different problems as we enter different decades of our lives.

Beauty products are aplenty out there, online and in stores, but how do you know what is the best type of product for you? Japanese skincare label Boscia offers a range of products that target your most pressing skin problem, whatever age you are at.

In your 20s

In your twenties, you are likely just entering the workforce. You’re likely staying up late and working overtime, anything to get that promotion quick. Or, you could just be up partying the night away. Either way, this is a crucial period to start taking care of your skin. Prevention is always less expensive and more effective.

If you are staying up late — be it working or partying — you might want to get started on an anti-aging regimen to fend off wrinkles. Pay attention to the basics: get adequate sleep, wash your face thoroughly, don’t scrimp on sunscreen and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Also, keep exposure to environmental damage — pollution, smog and particulates — to a minimum, as it can lead to ruddiness and broken capillaries from poor circulation. Yes, even at this age.

Remember to remove your makeup too, even after a long day at work, or long night of partying!


In your 30s


Your thirties are when your career is likely in full swing, and you’re taking on more responsibilities at work and at home.

It can be a stressful period, and that stress can manifest itself on your skin. But don’t make the lack of time or energy an excuse to neglect your skin! At this age, a few “imperfections” may start surfacing, including blemishes, tired skin and wrinkles. Your complexion dulls, too, as cell renewal starts to slow.

Look for products that fight the effects of environmental damage, a major skin wrecker. If you’re really pressed for time, go for multipurpose products with benefits like hydration, sun protection and skin repair.

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In your 40s

In your 40’s, wrinkles are probably your biggest bone of contention. Lines around your eyes, lips, nose, mouth, and the frown lines between your eyebrows are starting to sink in deeper.

A healthy, balanced diet, religious moisturizing and more advanced skincare products to repair environmental damage will help. Be consistent and diligent! Take care of your skin and your skin will take care of you.

In your 50s and beyond

Retiring from work? Don’t retire from the skin care game yet! Moisture is your biggest concern now. Despite how well you’ve taken care of your skin, sagging skin and hollowing of the face are inevitable. Just remember the basics and stick to them: cleanse and hydrate, and try using petroleum jelly to lock in moisture after applying your usual creams or serums.

What are your topmost skin concerns at your current age? How do you maintain good skin at different decades of your life? Share your beauty tips in the Comments section below and may good skin karma find you!