Exclusive Interview with JTNC Streetwear Fashion Brand


The streetwear fashion scene is becoming popular especially for the youth in the country. One of the well-known local streetwear fashion brand that has been consistent with providing the best chic trendy designs for their customers is the reputable JTNC clothing line. JTNC streetwear is always fresh with creative elements and never fail to impress men and women every season. We got the chance to get an exclusive interview with Justin Chew in sharing with us how his business started. Read down below to get the scoop. 

1. How did you decided to start a career as a fashion designer? 


I choose to become a fashion designer one of the reason was I really in to drawing and painting. Since young I was into clothes more than toys, when high school time I bought my first I-D fashion magazine from there slowly get into clothing and design.


2. Every designer has their own journey in the fashion industry. Please share with us some of the challenges that you faced stepping into the fashion world.

When the starting point was the hardest and most challenges for myself. Because I started it up by working and go thought alone, from zero knowledge about business to get cheated from china production. The journey was the hardest so far me. But I'm glad that i manage to go through it, gain my knowledge and connection from every steps I made. 


3. What is your favourite part of becoming a fashion designer?

The favorite part of it is when I saw someone wear my design on the street, appreciate about my design and get good feedback  from my customers .


4. Where do find inspiration in designing for the JTNC collection?


Inspiration is everywhere for me, but what inspired me the most is hip-hop culture.


5. Describe the JTNC collection in three simple words.


Meaning, Unique and Aspirational.


6. Before you start designing new pieces for the JTNC collection every season, how do you plan and make it into a reality?


Once I get inspiration, I always start planning and design on graphics first then only decide  what garment will be match with the graphics.


7. What would you say is your personal favourite piece in the JTNC latest collection?

The football jersey is my personal favorite piece. Since young I love football and always wanted to design a football jersey. This was my first time design a football jersey with my favorite pattern and prints.


8. Give us some trendy styling tips with JTNC pieces.


JTNC pieces most of it are basic items, it go very well with jeans, outerwear and jeans.


9. What will 2018 bring for you?

Hopefully 2018 will be good kick start for my brand and collaboration with others.


10. What is your advice for the future young fashion designers?

Be yourself, as long you think is right and happy what you doing go all out. Sometime bad things happen doesn't mean bad, is a lesson for us not to repeat the same mistake.