Exclusive Interview with Streetwear Brand OBSCR Limited

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As the streetwear fashion is rising in Malaysia, men and women are seen rocking the look everywhere they go. From ripped jeans, graphic tees and chic accessories, the streetstyle look is definitely one of the fave day-to-day OOTD choices among us. One of the well-known brands which had made a name for its own self throughout the years is OBSCR Limited. The brand never fails to come out with up-to-date streetwear designs based on the latest trends in the industry.  

1.    Every brand has its own background story. Share with us how the brand OBSCR was established.


OBSCR started back in 2016, with Co-Founders Ethan Curzon & Bryan Lim. Ethan wanted to start a street wear clothing brand and Bryan wanted to start a sportswear brand. One day we met up and then we just thought of combining both the styles together and that’s how OBSCR started. Ever since it has just been working with new concepts and including new elements into our collections.


2.    How did you come up with the brand’s name OBSCR and what does it define with the concept of your brand.



OBSCR is an abbreviation of the word OBSCURE. The primary definition is: undiscovered or known about and uncertain. And this is what our concept stands by. We believe the aesthetic of design is sophisticated, but that is the challenge for us to discover and push our creativity to the limit. OBSCR is a meeting of two minds. Although from different backgrounds, our vision stays true to one, which is to create and design garments that would tell stories by itself for the general community.


3.    Describe OBSCR in three simple words.

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For The Culture


4.    What is your favourite part of starting your own fashion brand?

Mainly we would say it’s from the vision becoming to reality. Seeing people wearing/rocking your brand and loving it!


5.    Where do you get your inspirations to come out with new collections every season?

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We find our inspirations from anything possible. From things we use or see In our daily life. Even from whats in trend and what used to be intrend cause fashion never gets old.


6.    Do you have a personal favourite piece from the brand? Name it and why?

We would say it’s our latest tracksuit that has yet to be released and also our collection of Revere Collar Shirts, because we feel that these garments are a sign of us moving into a different styling, more matured.


7.    What makes OBSCR different from other streetwear brands out there?


We would say we are not super different from other brands, but we would say we tend to do things differently than most brands in terms of branding and styling.


8.    What types of marketing strategy does the brand use to push the OBSCR to a wider audience?

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We have a lot of marketing strategies but mostly we try to focus on cultivating the culture and turn our inspirations into reality. We focus on music, fashion, sports and anything that we feel is the brands identity.


9.    What made you decide to widen your horizon by introducing your brand in ZALORA?

 It is mainly because we want to show the audience what we are about and that you can be OBSCR (OBSCURE) in terms of fashion and still make it work.


10.    What can we expect from OBSCR in the future?

Much more collections and also international collaborations, Probably OBSCR’s first retail shop too.