Fail-proof Relaxation Tips for the Busy Working Woman


We know, it’s been a long day. However, not all of us can afford a fancy spa retreat. Nonetheless, we all deserve a little pampering. Here’s how you can enjoy a simple home spa with a side of Netflix.

1. Light A Candle

A scented candle (preferably chamomile scented to boost relaxation) helps create a calming atmosphere in the house. Turn off the lights and enjoy the room lit up with candles and scents.


2. Soak Up a Bubble Bath


A bath is just what you need to relieve the tension accumulated over the day. Play some soothing music or grab your favourite book to fully immerse in the relaxation.

If you prefer something simple, a foot bath is just as enjoyable! Plus, you can do it with your best friend or partner. Throw in some flower petals, tea leaves or your favourite soap and sip on some wine as you unwind.


3. Treat Yourself to A Home Spa


Let your skin breathe and absorb some moisture after sitting all day in a dry, air-conditioned office. Whip out your favourite facial mask and let your exhausted skin soak in all its goodness.

Of course, let’s not forget about our hair.

Here are two natural masks that can help you get beautiful silky hair.

Face Mask

  • Mix in 2 tbsp of greek yogurt and 2 tbsp of lemon, smooth it all over your face.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse off.

Hair Mask (Dry Hair)

  • Mix 4 tbsp of honey and 6 tbsp of coconut oil. Let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing off with shampoo.

Your hair should feel soft and silky afterwards.


4. Bake a Batch

Baking is a great way to de-stress. Make yourself a chocolate cake or a batch of delicious brownies. Leave on your favourite music as you dance around and wait for it to be baked!

Once it’s fresh out of the over, settle into the couch. It is time to enjoy your hard work, so Netflix and chill.


5. Paint Your Nails


Painting your own nails is a strangely therapeutic process that can allow you clear your mind and de-stress. So pick a nail polish colour (or a bunch of colours) and start painting! Plus, every time you look down at your hands, the sight of nicely painted nails will brighten up your day.


6. Streeeetch!


Stretching can help loosen tight muscles, improve flexibility, and get some oxygen to your brain, making you feel less sluggish. As you stretch, imagine yourself letting go of whatever negative energy that’s stored in your body. This takes just 10 minutes, and is guaranteed to put you in a better mood.


7. Drink Hot Chocolate or Tea

Lastly, before you snuggle into bed, grab yourself a cup of hot drink. Not coffee, though — that will keep you awake all night long. Instead, opt for hot chocolate or chamomile tea to relax your tense muscles.

And very soon, it’s shut-eye time.

You can spread all these out throughout the week so there will be something to look forward to each night. Pamper yourself — you deserve it!

What are some other ways you unwind after a long day at work? Share your tips in the Comments section below!