Flashpacking: How to Travel in Style


The not-on-budget travel style guide for the affluent backpacker

by Joyce Chua

We’re used to seeing backpackers rough it out with their hefty baggage. But there are fancier ways of travelling with your worldly possessions in tow. Flashpacking is the modus operandi of many millennials now.

What is Flashpacking

While backpacking is typically associated with budget travel and cheaper destinations, its glam counterpart, flashpacking defined as backpacking with a bigger budget. Put simply, it’s a flashier way of travelling, complete with shiny tech gadgets and nicer shoes.

Nothing wrong with loving your creature comforts, we say.


How to Identify a Flashpacker

  1. They are usually equipped with the latest travel tech — GoPro, Macbook, iPhone, you name it.
  2. The first thing they ask at any hotel, AirBnb crib, or cafe or restaurant is, “Do you have free wifi?”
  3. They don’t wait in line for anything that they can book online in advance, e.g. train tickets, amusement park tickets and/or rides, etc.
  4. Instead of guzzling cheap booze from 7 Eleven, they’re usually sipping on a fine wine or bubbly instead.
  5. They almost always dine out at nice establishments.
  6. When it comes to accommodations, they prize convenience and luxury over budget.
  7. Annoying or not, they’re often caught snapping photos of their food to upload to Instagram.
  8. They tip well for good service.
  9. They’re willing to splurge on spa treatments.


How to Dress Like a Flashpacker


It can be challenging to maintain your personal style while you’re travelling. If you’re thinking of flashpacking but need some tips to rough it out in style, here’s are some fashion must-haves to add to your luggage:

Are you a flashpacker? How do you travel in style? Share your tips with us in the Comments section below!