Flat Out Fab, All Night Long


By Bea Punzalan

Time for a switch up.

“I never thought I would say this, but I’m wearing flats today.” -Kim Kardashian

Who told you that you can’t go dancing in a pair of flats? Whoever said that probably hasn’t experienced comfort in her life.

The absolute pleasure that the flat shoe gives its wearer is the main reason why they choose to wear it. IT’S JUST SO COMFORTABLE, one might as well live in it. Imagine having to go all night, from ten p.m til the am in sky high heels or stilettos, I’m sorry but I’m just not having that. I’m all up for fun on a Friday night that I deserve. I don’t want to wake up with sore soles the next morning.


The fashion world has looked down upon flat shoes. Why? It’s just not high fashion enough, or formal enough for the runway. We get it. Some even say that flat shoes equate to slippers.

Don’t worry. We’re here to convince you out of that I-have-to-wear-heels-tonight state of mind with the best pair of flats in the market today, that even provides you the most comfortable sole ever.

Read on and save your heels for next time while you’re at it!

1. Pointed Strap-On Flats

                                             ZALORA Ankle Strap Studded D'Orsay Flats

                                            ZALORA Ankle Strap Studded D'Orsay Flats

Our fave fashion star from the UK, Alexa Chung, is a big fan of flats in general. She’s rarely seen in heels and even wears either sandals or flats to fashion week! Now that’s something we don’t see everyday.

Pointed toe flats started to rise in the 1950s during Audrey Hepburn’s era. It has come and gone since then but in 2014, it dominated the greatest fashion houses and has stayed in the fashion radar to this day.

Go for a pair in classic black as its sophisticated color is sleek and can be worn with just about anything you’re going to throw on for the night. Be it a glittery mini, a metallic ensemble or even a solid red.


2. Embroidered Mules

                                    ZALORA Embroidered & Beaded Slippers

                                   ZALORA Embroidered & Beaded Slippers

Mules. 2017’s crowned shoe of the year.

The wonderful creation that meets all expectations. Popularized last year by GUCCI, mules has taken over fashion airwaves everywhere and even knockoffs have come in offering the same comfort as the OG.

We don’t blame you for joining in on the bandwagon. Mules are extremely comfortable and dependable. It’s the pair that you can simply just slip into without worry. Unlike the classic pair of sneakers, wherein you have to wear socks, you can just simply head out the door in these and you wouldn’t have to worry about your outfit.


3. The Royal Slingbacks

                                   ZALORA Velvet Slingback Flats With Glitter

                                  ZALORA Velvet Slingback Flats With Glitter

If you’re the type who’s completely afraid of wearing mules because you’re scared it might slip or even fly off of you, then a pair of slingbacks will suit your tastes best.


4. Strappy Lace-up Flats

                                          Something Borrowed Eyelet Lace Up Pointed Flats

                                         Something Borrowed Eyelet Lace Up Pointed Flats

Imagine a pair of ballerinas. Kinda boring? Now picture an upgraded pair with lace-up straps, adding just the right amount of edge to your outfit for the night. Perfect for the nightlife. Strappy flats may be a complete hassle to wear, but once you see it on, it will look so good you’ll never want to take it off.

Just don’t tie them around your calves too tight! Let’s avoid unwanted lines.


5. Ballet Flats

Ballerinas are the Stan Smith of the non-sneaker world. -The Fashion Spot
                                              ZALORA Sequin Embroidered Ballet Flats

                                             ZALORA Sequin Embroidered Ballet Flats

Of course, last but not the least is the classic pair you can never ever go wrong in, no matter what the case. Ballerinas are perfect for transition wear if you’re thinking about going out for a GNO after work.

Aside from the. comfort they give, they’re simple, sleek and absolutely professional looking without trying to hard. If that ain’t enough for you, let me give you a couple of names that will definitely ring a bell: Audrey Hepburn, Alexa Chung, Coco Chanel. What do they all have in common? They love ballet flats.


Ready to slay the dance floor with your trusty pair of flats? Or are you ready to takeover the world one pair of shoe at a time? Share us your thoughts below!

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