Get In Shape While Travelling on A Spa-fari Trip!


By Joyce Chua

What happens when wellness junkies meet nature?

Remember that New Year resolution to get in shape? How’s that going? If you’re starting to fall off the wagon and need something to get you back on track, consider going on a spa-fari.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, or get limber, a spa-fari can help you achieve your fitness goals — while letting you be close to nature. As the name suggests, a spa-fari is a travel trend that includes hiking, yoga, spa therapy in exotic locations like Africa or scenic ones like Aspen and the Amalfi Coast.

What Happens on a Spa-fari?

On a spa-fari, you’re on a mission to get fit. So meals are healthy but sumptuous, with freshly-caught fish and loads of fruits and vegetables. And depending on your location, you will scenic, peaceful places from villas in Bali to private islands, upscale jungle lodges to luxury tented camps in Africa.


A typical day would begin with a yoga and meditation class, followed by a healthy breakfast before departing for a scenic hike (of course, the duration and distance depends on your fitness level). The hikes, which are typically along tranquil, remote wilderness trails, will gradually increase in distance and intensity each day.

In the afternoon, most trips would include a relaxing (well-deserved) massage and additional beauty treatments. You can relax in a Jacuzzi, meditate, take a siesta, or take part in a variety of outdoor activities like swimming, snorkelling, scuba-diving, rafting, cycling…and shopping.


How to Dress for a Spa-fari

Your attire depends on your destination, but some basic pieces — like tank tops, yoga pants, and sweats — come in handy anywhere.

On the plus side, you won’t have to struggle to squeeze heels into your luggage because you’ll be in sneakers or flip flops most of the time.


Are you planning a spafari trip soon? What are some of your tips to make the most of it? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!