How Pets Make Your Life Much Better


The decision to have a pet can vary from one person to another. Some keep them as a hobby, some out of pure love for animals, while there are also some who may find them as the perfect accessory to match their fashionable outfits! For whatever its worth, the perks of keeping a pet are plenty and so we’ve listed down some of the many rewards people can gain from being a pet owner.

1. Companionship

dog and girl.jpeg

When one decides to have a pet it isn’t because they’re just lonely old souls in need of some company. One can live in a house full of people and still need a pet. Whatever it is, what pet owners ultimately get in return for caring for an animal is a companion, an extended family member and sometimes, a best friend. On days when humans aren’t your best pick, you can always rely on a pet to keep you company.


2. Security


Without a doubt, this is important for some people. Pets that function as bodyguards or saviours are indeed treasured and much appreciated. They’re there when you need them the most and are creatures you can count on.


3. Unconditional Love

pet and owner2.jpeg

When we love a pet this means getting back some love for ourselves. Even though they can’t talk, but our pets can show us that we mean something to them. Maybe not all animals are capable of this (as I imagine a fish) but it is possible for some others. What’s important is that they’ll love us unconditionally.


4. Source of Comfort

unconditional love hamster.jpeg

They make you happy. Some can even lower your blood pressure just by stroking them (cats!). Basically they can be a sight for sore eyes and the reason you can stay sane in this crazy world.


5. A Better Man


If you’ve ever been a pet owner you may agree that it can teach you to be a good person.  One can learn patience, responsibility and how to be a more caring individual. Qualities that if taught to young children can help shape their personality from a young age.  Basically, when you care for an animal you learn to appreciate other species and that, we think, makes you a better human.


On a serious note, keeping a pet is no walk in the park. The responsibilities can be enormous and you need deep commitment and love for the animal in order to live together.  So before deciding to own a pet do some homework first and be well-prepared. Only then will you be able to enjoy the experience of caring for another living creature and be likely to reap the benefits that come with it.

Do you have a pet? What kind of animal are you taking care of? Do share your experiences with us.