How to Live Like a New Yorker

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Are you a fan of the popular series ‘Sex & the City’? If you are, you probably seen that New York City life and wonder how to act like you belong among the people, the culture and the fast lane living. Whether you are a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda type of girl, you can definitely pull that New Yorker act anywhere you go and blend in. For those who want to feel like a true New Yorker in your own hometown, there are simple ways to live that amazing big city life. Take a read down below.

1.    Take an Uber

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They know that purchasing a car will take a lot of your expense but they do order an Uber every now and then. For example, if they had too much to drink or out with friend at night. Hiring an Uber seems to be the perfect way for them to reach their destination safely while having time in the car checking their emails or social media accounts.


2.    Brunch with your girlfriends

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The New Yorker girl always loves spending time with their girlfriends over brunch. This is the time they catch up on each other’s lives, gossip and share their personal stories over a big meal.  So hit the cafes or restaurants you love with your girlfriends over the weekend and girl talk for hours!


3.    Walk around town

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The New Yorker girl never fails to run her errands- by foot! Yes, walk around town to grab your lunch or going to the bank is easier compared to driving and being stuck in bad traffic. Walking helps save time in the big city and definitely a good way to stay active despite your busy schedule. Not only that, the New York girl definitely know how to walk around town with high heels as they mastered the skill.


4.    Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

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Although New York City might be one of the expensive places to live in and you should keep track of your spending but there is nothing wrong in splurging your hard earned money. Go shopping in the many stores around town, grab a coffee and do it in style.


5.    Subway Life

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A majority of the population takes public transportation and the New Yorkers love taking the subways as they hate the traffic in the big Apple. Plus, subways help save your cash and get you to places faster. So yes, New Yorkers are always in a rush to catch the subway because they are always moving forward and rarely look up.  


So whether you live in Kuala Lumpur or even a different city, you can definitely implement that New Yorker act with these easy ways. What’s your way to fit in the big city? Share it with us down below.