How To: Moving On and Forgetting Someone


By Bea Punzalan

Let’s face it girl, he’s gone.

Oh, love. What a funny thing. Whether you break up with him or he breaks up with you, you’re bound to feel heartache and loss. But don’t worry, we know ways on how you can move on from him and learn to embrace your freedom. It’s not easy, I know. But you’ll get through it!

Read on to know how to move on from that beautiful tragedy.

1. Distract Yourself


Do things you’ve always wanted to do by yourself. Rack up on those orgs, go do some yoga, try making some new friends, go reward yourself with a KDrama marathon or you can even drown yourself in academics. Just do whatever you can to get your mind off of what happened and you’ll find yourself forgetting about him in no time.


2. Live in the Now


What you have now is what’s important. Stop living in the past and start living in the present, from here you’ll realize just how blessed you are with your life. He’s gone and all you have to do is accept it.


3. Let Him Go


Delete his phone number if you find yourself missing him too much. Stop seeing what he’s up by stalking his Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever. It’s just going to make you miss him and tempt you to text him. Don’t be that girl. He’s out there living his life so you have to stop letting him get in the way of how you live yours.


4. Know There’s Plenty of Fish in the Sea


If he ain’t the one, then you should know there’s more out there for you. And you won’t find him when you’re too hung up on your ex.


5. Love Yourself


Lastly, love and be confident in yourself. Accept every little thing you have in you, from your strengths down to your flaws. Those who couldn’t accept in you, learn from it and love it.


Embrace the independence, girl! You never know when the next one will come up. And at that time, you know you’re ready. ❤