How to Pack for a Bleisure Trip


By Joyce Chua

Spice up your all-work-and-no-fun business trips with some leisure time.

Basically defined as work trips made fun, bleisure is now a bona fide travel trend as more people than ever are blending business and leisure travel. And the demographic driving this trend is — you guessed it — millennials.

With more millennials in the workforce, millennials who prize work-life balance, bleisure travel is the guilt-free solution that allows them the best of both worlds free of.

How to Pack for a Bleisure Trip

1. Identify the Work-Play Ratio

How many days will you be working and how much downtime will you have in this trip? List out what activities you will be doing each day to determine how many dressy pieces versus casual wear you’ll need.


2. Check the Dress Code


Find out what the dress code is for the work part of the trip. If it’s a conference or meeting that allows business-casual attire, good news — you can wear the same clothing for both work and play. If your work events require more formal outfits, bring an all-purpose blazer and a pair of dressy shoes.


3. Pack Versatile Clothing


Clothes that suit more than one type of occasion are perfect for a multipurpose trip. For example, a pressed Oxford shirt or simple dress can be worn to a conference but also for a night out in town.


4. Pack Convenient Clothing

Given that you have two sets of agenda for your trip, you don’t want to travel with twice the amount of baggage and laundry. Pack quick-drying clothing that are also easy to wash (i.e. no dry clean-only items) for maximum efficiency and minimal load.


5. Remember the Work Essentials


It is a work trip, after all. So don’t forget to pack your namecards, laptop, chargers, Post-Its, notepad and pen, and other stationery for when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.


Are you planning for a bleisure trip? How do you make sure you’re ready for it? Share your packing/style tips with us in the Comments section below!