Runway Beauty Looks from ZALORAYA2018 Fashion Show

Zalora Raya 2018  - 0_038758 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Last week, you may have experience the glitz and glamour of ZALORAYA2018 Fashion Show through our live shows or previous articles where various celebrities and familiar faces in the fashion industry came to support the event. However, you might not notice what were the beauty looks donned by the models walking the runway during the event. The ZALORAYA2018 fashion show models were dolled up nicely and their hair were styled by our sponsor, Kimarie Academy that did a magnificent job in portraying each look with elegance. Take a look down below the ZALORAYA2018 beauty looks spotted on the runway.

1.    Glossy Red Lips

Zalora Raya 2018  - 0_039164 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

The classic bold red lips are the perfect look to give the designers pieces a boost on the runway. Drawing focus to the face while still giving attention to the outfit, the glossy red lip will always be the right touch to show off your sophistication for Raya.

2T0A4209 2.jpg


2.    Hair Game

Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_8486 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

As ZALORAYA2018 Fashion Show concept revolves around traditional games and the Raya festivity, the hair styling done by Kimarie Academy were given that classic girl next door look of braids and ponytails to fit into the kampong girl look and also giving a modern suave with flowy waves and straightened look to portray a city girl style.

Zalora Raya 2018  - SAU_7054 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg


3.    Sweet Natural

Zalora Raya 2018  - C49A3224 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Another of the favourite beauty looks which shine the runway show was that sweet natural makeup that brings out the feminine side of women. The soft pink lipstick shade with a tinted of blush gives that romantic elegant vibe.


4.    Subtle Smokey

As the crowd were mesmerized with the pieces from different collections on the runway, the subtle smokey eyes definitely made the show more dramatic. Showing a strong woman who is in control, the smokey eyes look blends in well giving sexy aura during the runway show.


Intrigued in getting your beauty look for Raya on the top of your game while donning your outfits?





So which beauty look were your favourite from the ZAORAYA2018 show? Let us know in the comment section below.