Spring Colors You Should Be Wearing Right Now


By Bea Punzalan from THREAD PH

Spring is in!

As we all know, Miranda Priestly, the queen of The Devil Wears Prada, has strongly emphasized that florals is a thing of springs past. It’s time for us to let go of that easy fashion staple (or at least level it up) to welcome spring. 

Let’s think big and go beyond florals and try to incorporate newer and fresher color palettes for the season.


Scroll down for the trending fashion colors that you should definitely get your hands on this spring! Let’s try to be a little bolder this time around. ❤

Dusty Blue

Slay the weather in the flair and freshness of a dusty blue. The softness of the color gives you some breezy sophistication, especially when paired with white.


Fierce In Red


Of blood, of fire, and of rubies, red is the color of a strong woman who can handle anything you throw at her. It’s embodied in one color. Passionate and determined, the color red can give you that boost of confidence that you so badly need!


Less aggressive than red, this shade of orange is both vibrant and flamboyant. It’s a perfect mixture of the fierceness of red and the subtlety of yellow, perfect for the determined girl.

Burnt oranges are especially perfect when paired with anything denim. The shade of the sunset contrasted with an edgy denim jacket will look amazing during springtime, and remind us that florals are soooo last season.


Empowered in Purple



The color of the year represents the strong-headed woman and her casual, cool elegance. It’s the perfect hue to embrace the #QUEEN in you.

Pair power purple with a leather skirt to achieve the perfect balance of feminine and edgy in springtime!


Lemon Yellow


Stay fresh and optimistic with the color of spring: yellow. The color represents happiness and creativity — reflecting that in your #ootd and your mood, and you’ll spread positive and good energy everywhere!

The vibrant color will stand out just about anywhere, but it’s best paired with neutral shades to avoid being too overwhelming. Nude heels and accessories will make a mellow yellow even brighter than before.

And that’s it for springtime season’s color roundup!

Are you ready for the season of new beginnings? Tell us your go-to color for spring in the comments section below! ❤

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