Trend Tutorial: Minimalist Chic

“Less is more” may sound like a total cliché, but it’s a timeless style tip. When done right, the sleek minimalist style can in fact make more of an impact than a loud, busy outfit.

Plus, minimalist style don’t necessarily mean boring. It can be just as fun and challenging to keep things clean and sleek as it is to experiment with colour and prints. Simplifying your look also means you can invest more in premium wardrobe pieces that will elevate your look.

Here are some ways to streamline your outfits this season:

Add A Sleek Purse


As the name suggests, all you need is minimal accessories. For instance, a purse to store all your bare necessities. When paired with a preppy jersey-dress and pulled-up hair, that’s when you’ve got your minimalist-chic look down pat.


Flaunt Your Statement Piece


As with any outfit, a statement item helps to elevate your look. Be it a dress watch or an embellished shirt or trousers, the key is to keep everything else simple.


Wrap It Up


The wrap dress, first popularised by Diane von Furstenberg, cuts a classic silhouette that flatters any shape. Go for a standout hue like royal blue for a low-key yet show-stopping look.

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Embrace Stripes


For some graphic illusion, lean towards stripes, particularly bold, strong ones. If you’re feeling bold, mix your stripes. Steer clear of pyjama territory by pairing noticeably distinct ones like thick oblique stripes with vertical thin ones.


Suit Up


A sleek, structure power suit is pretty much a staple in any minimalist’s wardrobe. A crisp colour palette and clean lines are all you need to look out for when selecting the right blazer or jacket.