Trend Tutorial: Modern Classics


By Daniel Loy

Timeless through every season and independent of any fashion cycle, the modern classics style champions individuality and covers a broad spectrum of premium pieces.

The best part about it? You don’t have to be a well-heeled connoisseur to venture into new style territory. Here are five ways to blaze a trail with a simple wardrobe revamp:

Step out of the Comfort Zone


Save the basics for another day and slip on some attention-grabbing pieces like iconic jacketsgo-anywhere boots and even vintage-wash denim jeans.


Make a Statement


Shirts, especially printed ones that demand a double take, never get old. They keep you from blending with the crowd and fit right in whether you’re at work or on a long, romantic walk. 


Add Some Accessories


The trick to making an outfit even better lies in the accessories you pair with it. A timepiece from a leading watchmaker or a designer leather tote bag can do wonders to level up your look. 


Move Towards Monochrome


When done right, picking a single colour for your outfit will show just how fashionable you really are. Stick with black, grey or blue for a start. Just remember to vary the shades and opt for pieces that have some detailing (think faded denim, long sleeves or fabric rips) to add depth to your outfit.


Get Suited


Reserved for big events and special occasions, the suit says a lot about your personality, so save the ordinary black tux for another day. Instead, put a new spin on dapper with a three-piece that features stripes or even simple checkered patterns.