What Your Favourite Scent Reveals About You


By Joyce Chua

Perfume ads always go on about how a perfume speaks to you, and about you, how it tells a story. Perfumes are sensual, subliminal, and seductive. It’s a woman’s voice.

In Guerlain’s perfume ad from 1965, a great perfume is purported to do two things: express something for a woman, and say it in a way that can be understood by men.

But with so many types of perfumes for women out there, so many scents and personalities to choose from, how do you know which perfume speaks to you, and speaks for you?

Here are some of the most popular types of scents and what they say about you:


Notes: orange, lemon, lime, bergamot

Women who wear citrus scents are elegant and confident. They are simple and practical in terms of their personal style — they usually sport a simple shift dress and flats, and accessorise with a powerful statement bag. They are organised and like routine and order. No-nonsense, unsentimental and efficient, they are natural leaders, and will probably prefer Tory Burch flats to Louboutin stilettos.




Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Tuberose

Girly and down-to-earth, women who wear floral scents are proud of their sexuality and it shows in how they dress. Floral maxi dresses and flare dresses are their thing. They bake cookies, make scrapbooks, leave you handwritten Thank You notes, and are wildly romantic. They are quintessentially feminine, and go for sweet designs in floral or pastels. They are good listeners, and will always know the right thing to say to cheer you up.



Notes: passionfruit, green apple, black cherry, watermelon

Bright and colourful, this type of scent is not for wallflowers. Women who wear fruity scents are zesty, spontaneous, love colour and are usually the life of the party. Anything that is bright, loud, or quirky speaks to their sense of fantasy and fun, and they are always up for an impromptu holiday. They are doers, not planners; they live in the moment, and are open and friendly. Bubbly and flirty, fruity girls don’t take themselves too seriously, and they are ones people invite to their parties to get the festivities going.


Notes: marine, salt

This is the perfect fragrance for dreamers and idealists. Women who wear aquatic fragrances are elegant and free-spirited, an intellectual but idealistic. The aquatic woman’s style is casual but intentional: she might pair comfy boyfriend jeans a t-shirt with a classic yet contemporary Isabel Marant blazer.



Notes: vanilla, chocolate, almond, pepper

Gourmand women are fun, playful, and always up for a laugh. She doesn’t take herself — or life — too seriously. She loves food, and the kitchen is her playground. She can probably bake you a batch of cookies while doing her nails.

Gourmand women are romantic and know how to work their way to your stomach heart. After all, they want to smell like vanilla, chocolate, praline, almond — things people would want to take a bite of. Generous and larger than life, they also seek comfort and someone they can be entirely themselves with. On chilly nights, they would be snuggling on the couch munching on macarons.




Notes: rose, patchouli, musk

Oriental notes are bold and sexy, wild and seductive. Women who wear this scent aren’t afraid to reveal their sensuality in form-fitting clothes and stilettos, with perfume as their secret weapon.

               Montblanc Legend Night EDP 100ml

Like the gourmand lover, oriental women go for perfumes that contain sweet notes of vanilla, but also dark and mysterious notes such as myrrh, cinnamon and frankincense. Romantic and in touch with your emotions, you are often described you as intense — others might call you a drama queen — but you know you are and you stand by that firmly.



Notes: sandalwood, incense, leather, amber

Women who wear spicy scents are bold and independent, individualistic and unique. They know what they want and they go for it. They are not afraid to reveal their emotions, and always seize life by the reins. They can be hard-headed at times, but they always fight for what they believe in. They are fiercely loyal, and can come across as intimidating at times. They take on menswear fashion like a total boss.


What is your favourite scent? What do you think it says about you? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!