ZALORAYA2018 Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer, Nurita Harith


Nurita Harith is a well-known name in the fashion industry as her collections definitely exudes a breath of femininity and elegance for women. Highlighting every single piece of her latest Raya collection NH by Nurita Harith with beautiful embroideries, pleats, laces and drapings, women have fallen deeply in love with the whole collection. ZALORA got the chance to get up close and personal for an exclusive interview with this lovely fashion designer to get some insights on her latest ZALORAYA2018 collection. Read the interview down below.

 1.         Childhood memories are the best especially our Raya memories. Share with us what was one of the best childhood Raya memories that make you smile.

 When all our families from distant relatives would all come back to our kampung in Kuala Pilah few nights before, the cousins would play in the attic, in the garden the night before with fire crackers putting the candlelights on. The whole excitement of the first morning wearing your new outfit, all kinds of food and noisy chatters between the relatives.


2. List down some of the traditional games you used to play with when you were a little girl.

 Congkak/ batu seremban was a favourite


2.    Give us a little insight of how your Raya celebration is every year.

 Nowadays it is more simple and spending it with my aunties/uncles and close cousins in KL. Very much more relax of a day of catching up with food and I will then spend the rest of my days off going to spa or quick getaway in peace haha!


3.    Where did you get your inspiration for NH by Nurita Harith 2018 Collection?


I knew what my clientele wants from the brand and so I brought in our draping with an affordable price range. I wanted my NH ladies to be able to have our signature detailing with a good price, good selected material and colours that were custom to fit the whole Raya mood. We all want to look pretty yet elegant for Raya!


4.    What were your go-to shades and materials for this year’s ready-to-wear Raya collection?


I love my pastel shades as it’s fresh and pretty for day time but then I knew the darker colours are a favourite too which is why we provided options. The darker colours can be worn for night open houses and it is much more flattering for certain body shapes. Material wise I selected viscose as the texture drops really well for the technique involved in the designs. It is also comfortable and cooling which is suitable for our weather.


5.    How many colour or shades did you play with in this year’s Raya collection?


We have eight shades!


6.    Describe to us what NH by Nurita Harith is all about.


It is a brand that I hope that is more approachable to all our clientele in price point and designs but still has all of our signature styles. It is more relax yet elegant and versatile.


7.    What can Nurita Harith’s fans look forward to this 2018?

 We are in progress of our NH by Nurita Harith Spring/ Summer, hopefully it would be a start of casual pieces for the line.




So what is your favourite piece from NH by Nurita Harith ZALORAYA2018 collection? Let us know in the comment section below.


*Disclaimer- Thumbnail image taken from . Photo credit: Aaron Lee from Lenswork Production