ZALORAYA2018 Exclusive Interview with LUBNA Designer, Nina Aziz


LUBNA has become one of the top favourite brands among women with its exquisite up-to-date designs. The founder and designer of the LUBNA brand, Nina Aziz, never fail to come out with the best styles filled with feminine elements of laces, florals, pastels and flowy materials giving women that stylish yet elegant feel.

This year, we got the chance to get some inside scoop from the designer herself on what inspired her with this year’s Raya collection. Collaborating with Cipela and LVWKL, these two brands fits perfectly with the LUBNA concept during the ZALORAYA2018 Fashion Show.

1.    Everyone started their career journey somewhere. Share with us how you started to have a passion in fashion.

 It all started with the Barbie doll. My parents gifted me with the iconic toy for my birthday and it all went from there. I created a small collection from plastics and unused fabrics and would beg my mom to buy new clothes and accessories so I could outfit each one. Not to mention, with my flare for fashion at the tender age of six, I would give my Barbies life altering make-overs by cutting their hair and using permanent markers to change their make-up and eye colour.


2.    When did you start your design process for LUBNA 2018 Raya collection?

We started off in July 2017.


3.    What is the concept that LUBNA Raya collection revolves around?


Psychotropical & Historical Romance.


4.    Name one of your favourite pieces from the LUBNA Raya collection?

Drawstrings Top with Brocade Skirt


5.    What are your go-to shades and material this year?

Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_8790 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Palette: Pastel Hues, Earthly Nude Tones, Metallics, Gold, Autumn Tones, Baby Pinks


6.    Describe to us how you felt with the collaboration of Lubna x Cipela and Lubna x LVWKL collections for this year’s ZALORAYA fashion show?

The collaborating was indeed a fruitful success from the endless meetings and idea exchange made between our team and both our collaboration.  From the very beginning, I was exhilarated with the notion to collaborate with such formidable brands in their respected industry. The synergy we had in terms of the design process and prototype comments was a very rewarding experience as the end result really shows how all of the collaboration really assimilates well with the whole LUBNA SS18 look.  


7.    What can fans do look forward to for this year’s LUBNA collection?

 What’s new: Maternity Nursing Elements,

Fabrics: Taffeta, Organza tulle, Sheer Organza, Chantilly lace, Lace, Cotton Nets, Poly Silk, Crochet Jacquards


 Which one is your favourite piece from LUBNA? Let us know in the comment section below. Wait no more and start feasting your eyes on the beautiful Lubna Raya collection before it gets sold out.