ZALORAYA2018 Exclusive Interview with the Talented Artist, Bono Stellar

The ZALORAYA2018 Fashion Show was a definite blast with celebrities and familiar faces in the fashion industry attending to show their support. This year the fashion show concept revolves around bringing back the traditional games childhood memories with us but with a twist of modern elements. One way to turn traditional games into a modern touch, ZALORA was absolutely proud to work with the talented artist, Bono Stellar or also known as Nawwar Shukriah Ali in the art installations decorating the fashion show site. Want to know a little bit about Bono Stellar and her works? Read our exclusive interview with this lovely lady down below.

1. Everyone has their own background story in starting their career. Do share with us when you realized that you have a passion in art.

I was exposed to arts at a very young age by my late mom who was an art teacher who encouraged me in arts and it has always been a passion for me. She was also very passionate and she inspired me to do what I love most with all my heart.


2. How did you get involved with installation art?

image by Agnes Leong

image by Agnes Leong

With my background in architecture and product design, I practiced Interior design as a freelance, designing visual merchandising and retail design for local brands. I am always curious about the techniques, mediums and compositions. Always imagining my 2D sketches in 3D, if i were to create depths to it and playing with different materials and effects.

So I experiment a lot in my studio and took the risk in every project I created. I guess one thing led to another and today I get to do installations and experiment with a lot of mediums.


3. What is the best thing of becoming an artist/ designer?

For me, it's always the satisfaction of creating what's in your head and bringing my ideas to life. I've failed so many times and through those failures I learn and improved to be better. The beauty of it lies in the process of learning and becoming better every time. Although being an artist/designer are 2 different things, one you create to express and the other you create for aesthetics and function, I'm still learning to live under both hats and be balanced while practicing my principles as a creative.


4. It cannot be denied that there are some hardships you had to face in the art industry. Share with us some of the challenges that you have to handle in your career.

I think it's more about knowing yourself and where you stand as a creative, I think it's important to believe in yourself and have a strong principle in your work, learn to say no and share/educate when you have to. 

We live in the time where everything is based on Pinterest, etc and sometimes people would copy others just to get what the client wants. I think it's important for every creative to study and refer to a lot of references, recompose and find their own style. Inspirations can come from a lot of sources, learn to not limit yourself.


5. Where did you get inspiration to come up with the installation projects for ZALORAYA 2018 fashion show?

The theme is traditional games, so I narrowed down to 3 traditional games and play around with the elements of those 3 games, reconstruct it, recompose and recreate them. It's about creating lines and soften it with organic forms in between.


6. How long does it take for you to complete one installation piece?

Zalora Raya 2018  - SAU_6925 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

It took me 2 weeks to plan on the design of the installations, and the builders created the pieces altogether at the same time within 1 month.


7. Before you start designing a collection, how do you plan and make it into a reality?

I think it's important to understand the theme, the elements, the shapes and how to connect all this installations together and create a continuous flow to the whole experience. I would start by sketching the ideas then the materials and colour palette that was given for this theme. Every material will create a certain effect, I would have to imagine the effects that I want for each installation.


8. What are your go-to materials for the ZALORAYA 2018 art project?

Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_7461 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

It's a mix of solid and transparent materials so it won't be all rigid. I always play with plexiglass so I can play with shadows and transparency.


9. Name one of your favourite pieces from the ZALORAYA 2018 art installation?

I can't say just yet. But Iā€™m looking forward to see the shadow play as that'll be my first time doing it in bigger scale.


10. What are new HOT Projects that we can look forward to from you for this year?

I am still planning on my solo exhibition later this year and working on my "Make It Happen" platform that I created for all the creatives in Malaysia, and besides that I hope to go back to product design again.