4 Traditional Games That Will Remind You of Your Childhood Days

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Eid is drawing closer and everyone is excited to celebrate this joyous occasion with their loved one. While food and attire traditions are still there, there are still some other traditions that has seem to be lost in time. With gadgets and technologies ‘overshadowing’ the spirit of Raya and togetherness, added with the fact that we are all grownups, we have forgotten what it’s like to celebrate Raya with games and playing them with our cousins in our hometown. So today, let’s talk about the traditional games that would remind you of your childhood and probably the ways that you used to celebrate Raya as kids.

1. Batu Seremban

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Oh we can’t stress anymore how prominent batu seremban is to every girl’s childhood. This is when we discover how strong our eye and body coordination is on whether if we can balance our hands while catching the stones. The game makes use of small rocks, saga seeds-filled cloth bags, or anything of the size of the 50 cent coin.


2. Congkak

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This is another traditional game that has been forgotten among us nowadays. The congkak doesn’t take much physical energy but focuses on one’s mental ability to estimate which holes to dig in order to stop at the desired points. Similar to batu seremban, Congkak too uses small pebbles or anything at could fill the holes or the classic marble balls and oh boy, the sound that the game makes from dropping the pebbels is rather soothing.

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The Congkak has been revolutionized into foldable plastic designs so we can take it anywhere at our convenience.


3. Teng-teng

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If the weather calls for an outside game, you would then drop the Congkak and pick up some sticks to draw the hopscotch boxes on the soil. The less physical movements of this game attract the girls more than the boys, generally speaking. It tests your balancing capabilities more than anything else especially if your stones fell too far from where you stand. Should your friend trip over and laughing was definitely a good moment to make the game fun as a child. 


4. Kites

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Playing with kites with your friends and family was one way to kill time. It teaches you how to control the flying with the breeze and competing whose kite flies up higher.


However, the kite playing game is fading away from the children nowadays and instilling it back in your family activities is the way to make your festivity a fun one. 


Those were the days when we only cared about food, friends, cousins and games. It would be great to have these games passed down to our children because apart from making more meaning to Eid, it also carves unforgettable memories of our childhood years. What are other games you remember playing? Share them in comments below and let’s all reminisce the good ol’ days!