5 Sports Activities for Your Beach Workout

By Daniel Loy by THREAD SG

Besides a glimpse into the horizon and waves that calm your mind, the beach is arguably the best place for a workout day. Before you gear up and head down to the nearest coast, check out our handy guide to the right sportswear for the shore.

Leaps Ahead


Why confine your circuit training to the studio when it’s infinitely more fun right next to the ocean? Squat, jump and lift, all while feeling the breeze and taking in the scenic views. You’ll want to be as light on your feet as possible, so lace up in well-cushioned shoes and minimalist sports attire and find that perfect spot for your workout!


Keep Running


Thought jogging on asphalt was tough? Think again. Sprinting on hot sand and under the blazing sun will test your tenacity and build plenty of endurance. If you’re gonna subject yourself to the elements, it’s best to bring along 1) A cap to help keep your head up 2) Ultra-breathable apparel so you don’t suffer a heat stroke 3) All-weather running shoes that stay snug from start to finish. Ready? Let’s go!

                                                     Reebok Hydrorush Trainer Shoes

                                                    Reebok Hydrorush Trainer Shoes


Flex for Fitness


As more and more men jump onto the yoga bandwagon, sportswear manufacturers have come up with new collections catered to this growing segment. Part of this revolution includes stretch leggings, loose-fitting tops and bags that fit everything, including a full-sized yoga mat. Time to relieve all that stress with a good stretch.


Catch the Waves


Tried your hand at all land-based activities and need a new challenge? Set your eyes on swim and surf as you make the sea your new home for sports. For starters, put aside your usual gym attire and slip on some boardshorts and rashguards as you get acquainted with the waters. Don’t forget to throw in some skincare products as well to block out the sun’s harmful rays.

              UNDER ARMOUR Men's UA HeatGear® Armour Long Sleeve Compression Shirt

              UNDER ARMOUR Men's UA HeatGear® Armour Long Sleeve Compression Shirt


Post-Workout Only


Don’t ever feel obliged to change into a button-down shirt and pants the moment you step out of the gym, especially if your body’s still in its calorie-burning mode. Hang loose with a sports-inspired top and casual shorts that will wick the sweat away while showing everyone else that yes, you’ve hit your fitness goals for the day.

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