5 Tips to Get Rid of Dark Underarm Skin


It cannot be denied that this is the problem that a majority of women experience and we often feel frustrated in trying to solve the problem. Dark underarm skin occurs due to frequent shaving where you only cut the hair off from the surface of the skin and the follicles are still below the surface leading to a dark appearance. So if you want to start reducing your dark underarm skin, here is five tips that you could follow to get the best results.

1.     Go waxing


Switch shaving to waxing instead as waxing helps to remove your underarm hairs from its roots. Do this a couple of times in a month and as time passes, you will definitely see the shade of your underarm become lighter.


2.     Remove dead skin cells


If you have never used the sea sponge, it is now time to consider this. As you take a bath or shower, scrub your underarms using the sea sponge with soap to remove the dead skin cells slowly. Another way to remove dead skin cells easily is by putting some baking soda on and massage it in then rinse.


3.     Lemon juice


Lemon has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which hence act like a natural bleaching agent. The lemon juice lightens your skin so apply it on your underarms for 15 minutes and take a bath to rinse it. For fast results, do it at least twice a day.


4.     Use coconut oil


Coconut oil contains Vitamin E and is essential for skin lightening. Simply massage the oil for 20 minutes a day and, you will absolutely see the change of your skin tone. Not only that, using coconut oil reduces your use of harsh chemicals in over the counter beauty products.


5.     Avoid wearing something too tight


Try to wear something that is not too tight as too tight clothing causes friction on the armpit area. The armpit skin will hurt and gradually will turn darker. For those living in a hot climate country or during the summers, wearing a sweat absorbent clothing material goes a long way.


So get it your underarm goals fast with these tips and share us the results in the comment section below.