5 Ways to Mix & Match Your Culottes


By Alicia Chiang from THREAD SG

If you don’t already own a pair of culottes, you need to re-evaluate your fashion choices.

There’s so much to love about culottes. Comfortable, chic and a total statement maker, culottes are essentially cropped wide-legged trousers that resemble a midi skirt when you put your knees together.

The difficulty lies in getting your proportions right (petite girls, we feel you!) and looking age-appropriate. But if done right, the flattering fit of ankle-baring culottes will have you looking right on trend.

So here’s a handy guide to wearing your new wardrobe staple (psst, this is applicable to palazzo pants and gauchos as well!)

1. Basic: Cropped Halter-neck Top


It’s the law of proportions: if you’re wearing something loose-fitting at the bottom, pair it with something snug on top for a good balance. A basic cropped halter-neck top is fuss-free but so figure-flattering. Complete the look with a pair of retro cat-eye shades and strappy heels or sneakers.


2. Intermediate: Strappy Tops


Slouchy spaghetti strap tops get a sleek update when matched with a pair of culottes. Throw a blazer over it for the office and consider work wear, done.

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3. Intermediate: Off-shoulder Tops


Got great shoulders and/or collarbones? What better way to flaunt your best asset than with an off-shoulder top? Word of advice: be careful with ruffles, as they tend to add volume. Remember — you don’t want to go for volume both on top and bottom! So make sure your culottes cinch in at the waist to create an hourglass silhouette.

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4. Intermediate: Oxford Shirt


A classic button-down makes any outfit legit. So pairing one with your culottes is a no-brainer. After all, trousers for women were conventionally designed for office wear. Match the outfit with a pair of ankle-slimming heels and you’re good to go!


5. Intermediate: Outerwear


Don’t be afraid to be wrapped from head to toe, but only if you choose the right variations of colors. Otherwise, your ideal style might end up looking like you’re drowning in too much fabric!

However, some outfits are a little harder to pull off.


6. Advanced: Roomy Blouses


It is definitely harder to pair a roomy blouse with culottes, simply because it takes some skill to play with proportions. Your entire outfit can appear too baggy and do your figure an injustice.

If you’re up for the challenge, here’s a little tip: a pair of ankle-slimming strappy heels and a waist-cinching belt can help transform the outfit! (If nothing else, this is one outfit that can hide a food belly any time of the day!)

7. Quick Fix: The One-piece

If you can’t be bothered to style your separates, you can always opt for the one-piece.

one piece.jpg

All you’d have to do is slip on your culotte jumpsuit and you’re ready to go! This is perfect for any of those days you’re too frazzled to crack your head over what to wear. My advice? Get both separates and one-pieces. There is no such thing as too many wardrobe essentials!


How do YOU style your culottes? Let us know in the comments section below!