5 Ways To Use A Lipstick NOT As A Lipstick


By Putry Evyna from THREAD SG

On average, we have at least four lipsticks lying around in our bag or makeup pouches. At times, a lone lipstick is all we have. Luckily, in emergency situations, lipsticks don’t only serve as lipsticks, but as other makeup products too!

Here are five ways you can use a lipstick not as a lipstick:

1. Lipstick as a Blush


A lipstick makes a great blush. Rosy cheeks make a whole lot difference to your face. Apply some lipstick on your finger, then onto your cheeks. Then, just use a brush or your fingers to blend.


2. Lipstick As Eyeshadow

You can use any shade of your lipstick as eye shadow! So, if you ever find yourself missing your eye shadow palette, you know what else you can use. Grab one of your lipsticks and apply it on your finger, then dab it onto your eyelids. Lastly, use your finger to blend in.


3. Lipstick as a Highlighter


Highlighter gives us glow that we all need for that perfect selfie. What happens if we run out of highlighter? Fret not, grab one of your shiny lipsticks and apply it onto on your cheekbones! Any lipstick with a bit of shimmer would do. Now go find some good lighting and capture that glow.


4. Lipstick as a Concealer

Some of us depend on concealer to conceal those dark circles under our sleepy eyes. We often use it every day, which causes it to run out quickly. If that happens, look for a lipstick in a nude or pink shade and blend it onto your dark circles. The pink color will help neutralize the color of the dark circles under your eyes.


5. Lipstick as Contour


Contours cost a lot. So save some money and make use of what you already have! If you have some brown lipstick lying around in your pouch, you can use it as a contour stick too. Just apply wherever necessary and be sure to blend well.

What are some other ways we can use our lipsticks? Share your makeup tips with us!