6 Essentials You Need to Look Chic at the Beach


Are you planning for a beach vacation this Summer? If you are, it cannot be denied that packing your bag with the perfect beach essentials is on top of your to-do list. However, what would be the beach essentials that every woman needs in order to enjoy relaxing yet stylish vacation? Check out our list down below.

1.    The right swimsuit


The key component to any beach trip is bringing the right swimsuits. Depending on how long you will be spending your time at the beach, pack along the swimsuits you need for every day. Whether you are rocking a one piece swimsuit, monokini or bikini, flaunt that summer bod with confidence and style.


2.    Beach bag


Forget your leather handbags at home and bring a bag that suits the beach environment instead. The straw design beach bag is the one of the best designs that is suitable for the sandy beaches which you can stuff all your belongings such as cell phone, wallet, bottle water, a book and beauty needs in.

                                                     ZALORA Medium Size Basket Bag

                                                    ZALORA Medium Size Basket Bag


3.    Hats!


Hats are a great way in protecting your face and neck from the sun. It also gives that effortless touch in enhancing your look while reading a book by the beach. Choose a flexible floppy beach hat design so it can be easily squeezed in your luggage without getting damage to it getting bent during travel.


4.    Sunglasses


Other than styling hats on your beach trip, sunglasses are also a must-have accessory to bring along too. There are plenty of affordable stylish sunglasses designs available from various brands that you could choose to fit your personal taste. Plus, the sunglasses help elevate your face when you are not wearing any makeup on during your beach vacation.


5.    Cover up


A cover up is essential for your beach vacation as you can easily transform from the beach look to brunch by the pool of cafes along the beach looking super stylish yet appropriate. It can also serve as a cute dress giving that soft feminine look.


6.    Pretty float


What’s a girl got to do at the beach if not bask under the sun in the ocean on a pretty float. Choose your preferred floatie piece and sunbath looking chic as ever. Show off your girlish side and feel sexy in the ocean.


Are you ready to pack for your upcoming beach vacation? Let us know what your beach essentials are in the comment section below.