6 Signs The Chemistry Is Real


It’s more than the movies.

By Bea Punzalan for THREAD PH

Despite what our favorite rom-coms tell us all about couples, they’re not always entirely true. In fact, it’s much more complex and deeper than “finishing each other’s sentences” or that picture-perfect romance we see in movies. Oftentimes couples aren’t even perfectly alike. Some are even complete opposites, but you know what? It works.

Finding a partner isn’t finding the missing piece to the puzzle, it’s finding someone who you’re completely comfortable and completely yourself with.

Read on to know if you and your partner are absolutely compatible with each other!

1. There’s No Changing

This means accepting every little nook and cranny there is to your significant other. You fully love and appreciate every thing they say or do, with little regard for your own personal interests because this person is this person. If you’re continuously telling yourself that “they’re going to change and adjust to me” instead of respecting who they are as a person, then you probably aren’t compatible.


2. You Both Leave a Little Space


In the honeymoon stage, you and your boo can’t seem to stay apart no matter what you do. It’s a beautiful stage, yet so difficult when it’s over. But once your relationship reaches a certain milestone, spending some time apart becomes essential, and both of you agree that you need this.

You spend this time wisely, with friends and family, doing things you like that he doesn’t. But this also entails that you tell each other honestly about what you’re doing to foreground that trust!


3. You Know How to Fight

Yes, it’s normal even for compatible couples to fight. But these couples know how to resolve their issues in a reasonable way. They are rational, open to criticism, patient, and understanding.

In a healthy relationship, you and your partner listen to each other, take turns reasoning out why you’re upset, and voice out your disagreements with respect, not with violence. With that, you’ll resolve fights easier and faster.




4. You Work To Grow

Couples who are compatible will work to grow and develop with each other. You’ll continuously support each other, pushing each other forward and never backward. You’re basically each other’s cheerleaders and have got each others backs! (The anti-example: Ross and Rachel from Friends. Ross wouldn’t let Rachel go to Paris to fulfill her dreams in the fashion world! Now that’s unhealthy.)


5. No Doubts On The Love


You’re both sure and never in doubt nor in question about the love you share. You’re both aware that you love the other and despite any misunderstandings that might come up, you know that you can get through it and work toward a more loving and happy relationship.


6. You’re Both You

A good and happy relationship is where you can be yourself without hiding anything from the other! You can truly be yourself without thinking about him or her judging you, but instead the weirdness is something you deeply appreciate about your partner.


Work towards love!


Compatibility isn’t always a given, but it develops as the relationship progresses. So don’t worry about your partner not fully understanding you in the beginning of the relationship. These things take time, and you just need enough patience and the willingness to work through it, and before you know it, you’re both so involved with each other that you didn’t even notice the chemistry happening.


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