7 Signs He's Definitely A Keeper


By Bea Punzalan from THREAD PH

The real deal is here to stay.

Whenever we have a new guy in our lives, we say things like “He’s different,” or “It’s for real this time”. But oftentimes, we eat our own words when he begins to show signs that he wasn’t what you thought he was going to be. Everything takes a turn for the worse and you find yourself listening to Taylor Swift songs on a beautiful Friday night with a tub of ice cream.

In our world today, it can be hard to start putting yourself out there after a broken heart. But when you do and you know in your heart that you’re ready, you may actually hit the jackpot with a dream boy, and right when you least expected it. And this time, he’s not messing around.

It can take you several years of dating idiocy before you find the guy that treats you not differently, not even better, but the best. And here are seven signs that he’s definitely the real deal.

1. He supports you


Sometimes we get into a relationship where everything turns into a competition. You feel threatened, or he feels threatened, or maybe it goes both ways. Find yourself a man who can not just keep up with you, but supports you from the sidelines and helps you achieve your goals — a guy who will definitely be there for you. Being with this kind of guy is healthy and non-toxic for your personal well-being.


2. He boosts your spirits up


If you had your own personal cheerleader, that would be him. Not only is he a supportive kind of guy, but he actually tries to lighten up your mood when you’re caught in a bad day. He’ll make sure that he’s there to help you get through it by cracking some jokes, giving you your favorite chocolates, or bringing you home. Anything that seems like he’s trying means he cares a lot about you and your feelings.


3. He takes you out on real dates (!!!!)


Reserve those Netflix and Chill nights for when you’re both tired or are running out of ideas on where to have dinner — I believe that should be Date 15 onwards. For the the first few times you go out, let’s keep it traditional and let him sweep you off your feet.


4. You know everyone around him…


He’s starting to get serious about this commitment when he introduces you to his entire family and circle of friends as someone he’s dating, not his “friend”. He’s proud to show you off and is ultimately proud to call you his.


5. …and vice versa!


If he takes the time to get to know your friends and your family, then that means he wants to get involved — not just with you, but with people who you care about as well. Your friends are an important aspect of your life and they’ll be there for the entire relationship (and beyond). If he gets along with them well and catches onto their humor, then girl, the game is over. Hold onto him.


6. He remembers the little things


That peanut allergy you mentioned long ago? Or the fact that you don’t like ketchup with your fries? If he remembers the little things you talked about during random conversations in the car, then you know he’s really listening. He pays attention to you and whatever you say, because for him, being with you is not just about physically being there, but so much more than that. When you get to see this from someone, then it’s always a good sign.


7. The chemistry? It’s real


It’s strange, but couples feel it. There’s a strange dynamic where you guys basically just get along really well. And there’s no denying it —t he inside jokes, the light-hearted moods, the fights that aren’t as big as what the movies say (stop saying that fighting makes bonds stronger!). Your mind and your heart are both at peace, and so are his.


There’s plenty of fish in the sea and the goal is to find that amazing guy who knocks your socks off. Never settle for anything less than you deserve, so love yourself and get to know what you want, and you’ll find him in the right time and place. Never waste your precious time on guys not worthy of your attention so make sure you’re being treated right!

Keep on slaying the game! Love is not a game of luck but a game of just love.