7 Tips For Chic And Comfortable Travel Outfits


By Nica Dobles from THREAD PH

Jetsetter, trendsetter.

Being on vacation is fun, but getting there can be an ordeal. Whether you’re travelling by plane, car, bus, train, or boat, being in transit means hours of being cramped in a tight space, often with complete strangers. It’s a painful situation, but you can ease it a bit by wearing something comfortable.

You don’t want to finally arrive at your destination looking like you just rolled out of bed, though. Luckily, you don’t need to choose between fashion and function for your transit #OOTDs.

Read on for our tips on travelling in both comfort and style!

1. Go with easy separates

The most important tip is to wear loose clothes you can move freely in.

That doesn’t mean pajamas — check out how Alicia Vikander pairs a flowy long-sleeved top (loose around the neck for extra comfort) and a roomy pair of jeans for a relaxed but still polished look:

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Boyfriend jeans like Alicia’s are a good option if you’re sticking with denim (leave your tight skinny jeans in your luggage, please), but you can also try culottes for something even more lightweight.

A dress is the ultimate in breezy outfits, but make sure it isn’t too tight or too short. It’s a pain to have to keep on adjusting a skirt that keeps riding up while you’re seated, so go with a flowy midi or maxi dress. And save the cute romper you just bought for when you’re actually at the beach — it won’t be as cute when you’re trying to maneuver in and out of it inside a cramped airplane bathroom or at a public restroom during a stopover.


2. Love lightweight layers


It might be sunny where you’re going, but the AC’s most likely going to be cranked up on your way there. Navigating uneven temperatures can be a pain, so make sure to bring layers that you can easily take on and off to adjust.

A light cardigan or trendy kimono should be enough if you’re vacationing somewhere tropical. Grab a heavier jacket and add a scarf for destinations with cooler temperatures.


3. Material matters

Pay attention to what fabrics your clothes are made out of. Stick to natural materials like cotton and linen — unlike synthetic materials like polyster, they’re light and very breathable, and will keep you feeling fresh throughout your journey.


4. Embrace athleisure

You might not be able to actually wear pajamas to the airport, but you can come pretty close. With the rise of athleisure, it’s socially acceptable to rock joggers and leggings in your regular #OOTD. Take advantage of the trend for the most comfortable clothes you’ll ever wear while in transit.


Take a cue from Gigi Hadid and keep your outfit from looking sloppy with fun details like on-trend stripes and splashes of color.


5. Be smart about your shoes

Like your clothes, you don’t want your shoes to be too restricting. They still need to be pretty sturdy, though. And if you’re flying out, some airports may also require you to take off your shoes, which can be a real pain if you’re wearing something with fussy laces.

Look for a pair you can easily take on and off, but is still easy to move around in. Personally, I avoid open-toe shoes while in transit, so my default is cute loafers or slip-on sneakers. If you know you’ll be doing a lot of walking once you get to your destination, though, go for lifestyle sneakers from your fave sports brands for some sure comfort and support.


6. Ditch the accessories

Make going through airport security easy and avoid wearing anything metal. Wear pants that don’t need a belt (another reason why leggings are awesome), and limit yourself to a watch that you can easily take on and off if needed.

Minimize your makeup as well — your eyeliner might not look as good after hours of trying to sleep in your seat, and heavy foundation is for sure going to clog up your skin. Stick to a light layer, like tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, and a colored lip balm.


7. Find the right bag


Your bag needs to be big enough to hold all your travel essentials (jacket, camera, beach reads) but not too bulky, and still stylish enough to be worthy of your Instagram posts. Make sure you get one that’s easy to secure, too — it should zip up and have thick, sturdy straps. A cute mini backpack or a tote bag is your best bet.

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