7 Ways to Prep Your Skin for Summer


The Summer time is definitely the period you want to get yourself ready to flaunt that beach body and flawless glowing skin. However, it cannot be denied that the heat and humidity will somehow drain the condition of our skin during the season leading to acne, dry skin and dullness. So if you are planning to prep your skin for the Summer, here are 10 ways you can achieve your goal to rock Summer with confidence.

1.     Hydrate yourself


It is time to readjust your hydration routine as the Summer season will tend to make your skin more dry than usual especially if you live in a dry climate or often exposed to air conditioning. There are two ways you should hydrate yourself; drink plenty of water and apply moisturizer. The best way to moisturize your skin is as soon as you have a shower or bath as the skin can easily absorb the moisture from your lotion.

And of course, always carry a bottle of water everywhere you go so that you could always drink up.


2.     Give it protection


Your skin will be exposed to the hot climate and giving it protection with SPF is a definite must! Splatter it on your face, neck and arms on your usual day. If you are heading to the beach, never fail to miss a spot to avoid sunburnt.

Besides that, you could take advantage of fashion items such as a pair of sunglasses and hats when you go out and about.


3.     Beat the breakouts


It is no better than having acne on your body than your face due to the heat. Make sure you beat the breakouts from happening by using products which contains salicylic acid or micronized benzoyl peroxide that can help kill bacteria.


4.     Exfoliate


Your skin is always exposed to dirt and harsh environment. Using bath soap alone will not entirely cleanse your skin as it does not remove the dirt from the pores. Therefore, the best way to get rid of dead skin cells and excess oils is to exfoliate your skin.


5.     Eat Healthy


For those who are looking forward for the summer, it is always nice to feel super energized and eating healthy is the way to go. Berries, eggs and oats, for example, will be a good start to help boost in making your skin filled with nutrients.


6.     Hair removal


If you want to rock your bikino bod this summer, removing the hair on your legs, underarm and bikini line will be the priority on your list. But the wrong hair removal technique can hurt your skin so make sure you apply a formula which helps removes hair directly from the follicles. This will avoid your skin from cuts and red bumps after shaving.


7.     Body shimmer


Rock that glowing skin look by giving your body that perfect sexy shimmer by applying some body highlights or fake tan. The shoulders, neck, arms and your legs will definitely be the suitable areas to show off that glow.


What other ways that can prep your skin to face the Summer season? Share it with us down below.