Ace That Style with Culottes

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While some of you might heard the word for the first time, culottes have been worn by many people across region, cultures and even history.  Culottes are also worn by male although it is synonym with a woman's garment. They go by many names such as loose cropped trousers, palazzo pants, gauchos and others.  Classified as a noun, culottes is a women’s knee-length trousers, cut with full legs to resemble a skirt.  Wearing culottes not only makes you look effortlessly chic but they are super comfortable.  Lets take a look some stylish ways on how to pull them off. 

1. Culottes for Smart Casual Look


Pulling off a smart casual look is achievable with culottes. Pair it with blazer or a crisp white shirt and your favorite pump.  When you want to look presentable especially when you need to meet clients outside the office.  Rather than traditional suit and blazer why not culottes? Play with the piece as it gives you that effortless yet elegant flare. 


2. Bright Pop

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This look is to show the fun and quirky side of you.  Use any bold coloured culottes for that minimal yet edgy appearance.  Comfy, stylish and chic. This is the perfect look for you to wear on a girl's day out or running errands around town.


3. Monochrome Chic with Culottes

Say hello to monochrome culottes. You can go with a black or white culottes for that sophisticated chic look.  You can never go wrong with the monochrome look no matter what you have on. Simply mix the monochrome top and bottoms well for that perfect complete ensemble.

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To make your monochrome culotte outfits appear more stylish than ever, put a twist of accessories like earrings, sunglasses or a bag. 


4. Go for the Nude

If you prefer a little more edge for your office attire, go for the nude culottes instead. It gives that elegant feminine flare which you can show off with class and confidence in front of others.


So which culotte styles that calls more to you? Let us know in the comment section below.