An Exclusive Interview with Streetwear Brand, Nerd Unit

                                                                SHOP NERD UNIT 

                                                                SHOP NERD UNIT 

Hitting the Malaysian fashion scene with a boom, Nerd Unit definitely got the attention among the youngsters. Introducing the streetwear vibe with edgy yet modern designs had earned points for the brand to become one of the successful ones in the business. From graphic tees to stylish bomber jackets, Nerd Unit never fails to impress their customers with up-to-date unique styles. ZALORA had gotten the chance for an exclusive interview with Nerd Unit so read down below to learn about what the brand is all about!

1.    Tell us how the name Nerdunit came about?

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N.E.R.D is the brief meaning for “No One Ever Really Dies”, but theres is a more profound significance behind the acronym. We believe that our energy is made from our souls and when we die, that energy may disperse but it isn’t destroyed; your legacy is still left behind.


2.    What makes Nerdunit stand out in the streetwear industry compared to its competitor?

We take pride in our company culture that emphasizes on creating and innovating in every way possible. Being consistent and staying true to our brand image while keeping up to date on the latest trend is not an easy task, but thankfully, we managed to achieve just that. Nerdunit also is not afraid to do things out of the norm, we never run the risk of being seen as “boring” or “just another brand.”


3.    Describe to us what Nerdunit is all about.

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Nerdunit is known for its futuristic elements, paired with military and industrial vibes. Impacted by the military components such as military hues, badges and ranking lines, Nerdunit merges these elements into the modern streetwear world.


4.    What are among the challenges faced by Nerdunit in the fashion industry?

In the fashion industry, it is always a challenging task to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trend while maintaining the brands’ true identity and also keeping the equilibrium between our idea and creation within the span of our customers interest. Apart from that, we often encounter challenges from the production aspect in seeking for a breakthrough by doing research and development, also to introduce new, innovative silhouette and collection every season.


5.    How does the brand reach its customers in today’s modern technologies?

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Jumping in the Generation Z, kids as young as 12 is sure to have a smartphone in their hands. With that in mind, Instagram has become our main platform to reach out to our consumers. It has made our job easier to showcase our brand image, products and influence our target audience thanks to the social media.


6.    How do you think ZALORA can help in introducing the brand to the Malaysian market?

Zalora is one of Asia’s leading fashion platform and the fastest growing fashion-focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia, we trust that Zalora is able to help us reach out to new markets that may not otherwise be exposed to our brand.


7.    Where do you get inspiration from to produce stylish designs every season?

We draw inspiration through our daily lives as well as through art, history, technology, and many more. Inspirations are everywhere, only if you use your heart to see.


8.    Does Nerd Unit have an upcoming collection that your loyal customers can look forward to? If yes, please state.

We typically drop new items every week so do check out our Instagram and website every Monday. Our team is currently in the midst of preparing our Fall Winter 2018 collection, which is slightly different from our previous themes but it’s super dope. We can’t wait!


9.    Name one of the best-selling key pieces from Nerdunit that your customers loved.

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Our best-selling items have got to be our MA1 Bomber Jacket and reflective items.


10.    What does 2018 hold for Nerdunit?

For the first quarter of 2018, we have opened our first overseas Flagship Store in Tokyo, Japan, officially being the first Malaysian-owned streetwear fashion brand to open a store outside of Malaysia. We will also open another Flagship Store in Pavilion, KL this May, and moving forward we aim to expand our reach to Europe, United Kingdom and United States. We also have many exciting collaborations lined up for 2018, and we can’t wait to share this with our customers who have supported us all these while. So, stay tuned!


Do you want to check out Nerd Unit’s collection? Well, you are in luck as they are now made available right here at ZALORA!