[Beauty 101] Steps for a 5-Minute Makeup Routine


It cannot be denied that we are always in a rush of whether going to work, catching a meeting or simply on the go. In these cases, it is definitely smart to make yourself equipped with the fastest makeup routine ever. If you are just one of those individuals who needs to get ready quickly and still want to look freshly made every morning, here are five simple steps on how you can get that healthy glow within just five minutes.

1.    Power of BB cushions

                                                 Laneige Layering Cover Cushion [No.23]

                                                Laneige Layering Cover Cushion [No.23]

Yup, BB cushions are a must-have for the ladies that are always in a rush as it has that element of concealer and foundation which helps cover up your blemishes. Simply dab it all over your face and make sure it is smoothly even.


2.    Set it with powder


Once the quick cover up is done, set it with powder. Use a brush and apply it all on your face. This helps prevent your foundation + concealer from the BB cushion melt away from the humidity or shiny if you have oily skin. Better yet, use a loose powder with a big brush for that fast effect.


3.    Blush away!


Do not skip the blush as the shade brings out your colour and gives you that healthy glow. Swipe it quickly on your cheeks and blend it in. Blusher definitely makes you appear more awake even though your face may be dull and you feel tired underneath. You can absolutely fool people with it!


4.    Matte your lips


This is the final step which helps bring out your sexy pout to life! Use a matte lipstick shade such as nude or light pink to give you a natural look or go daring with bold colours such as red or hot pink. Using matte lipsticks is perfect for those looking to get that fuller lip look but make sure your lips are not cracked. However if they are, a tinted lip balm could also do the trick too.


So how do you get ready in just 5 minutes? Do you think you can take up the challenge? Leave your beauty stories down below for all of us to read.