Hairstyle Ideas to Flaunt Fabulously During Hari Raya


Your hair is your crown so wear it with pride.  Be it short or long, blonde or brunette, curly or straight,  every hair type is unique and beautiful on its own.  Celebrate your Hari Raya this year with fabulous hairstyle that suits the festive season.  Just make sure you that don't forget to book for an appointment at your favorite salon or do your own hair with the right hair products to make sure your dream hairstyle could be brought to life. 

We are excited to show you the list of hairstyle ideas for you to flaunt fabulously during Hari Raya .  Insert flip hair pose. 


Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_8486 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Braids are timeless, easy to style and makes you look effortless with a certain amount of elegance. Channel your inner Boho vibe with braids during Hari Raya this year.  Suitable for hair past shoulder length, braids are easy to manage and could save you from one of those bad hair day situations.  Try the loose braids style which is more relaxed and laid back with swept side messy braids.




Hair buns are cute, enough said.  To achieve the Hari Raya-worthy buns, look up for tutorials on the internet on how to tie many different style of buns. Ranging from messy top knots, low flat twisted bun, bun with side waves and many more.  The styling list is endless.  Messy top knots are easy to manage and good choice to wear because even at the end of the day you can still look hot. 


Side parting short hair 

Zalora Raya 2018  - IMG_8162 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

While short hair usually has limited number of styling, one easy step could make a difference. Side parting create an illusion of half longer and half shorter on the other side for a classy style.  Rather than parting your hair from the middle, try the side parting instead.  To go straight or natural wavy hair is completely up to you.  


Natural Curls 


Didn't feel like getting a rebonding or straightening your hair for Hari Raya?  Flaunt your natural curls as you wish.   Proper hair care regimen is important to make your hair look healthy and shiny for  the special occasion.  Pamper your hair at least a day or two before the big festive day and you will notice a difference.  Be prepared to receive comments like "Your hair look glowing, whats your secret?." 


Front Bangs 


Also known as fringe, if u need a quick make over to your hair just go to the hair salon and ask for bangs.  Banging with bang - That could be you this Hari Raya. Bangs are easy to manage and no extra special care needed.  To get a perfect bangs for your face, seek professionals to help is a must. This way your bangs will compliment your face frame and looks good.  Your hair should accentuate your overall look not the other way round.  

Feeling extra? Try the side-swept bangs with a Bun.  Its the famous hairstyle look among Hollywood celebrities to be seen spotted during the red carpet events. 


Soft Curls 

Zalora Raya 2018  - 0_039080 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Some people are blessed with naturally thick hair, thanks to the genetics. Unfortunately for some having a thin hair means lack of volume and with wrong styling you can appear to look almost bald.  Don't get your issues get in the way for Hari Raya.  Although it is not possible to grow hair overnight, a little trick goes a long way.  Adding soft curls to your hair will add the much needed volume and create the illusion of thicker fuller hair overall.  Refrain from tying your hair too tight or do extreme styling to avoid your hair to break and thus resulting in hair fall. 


Hope you can get an idea or two for your hairstyle ideas for this coming Raya.  Let us know which hairstyle you are going to wear in the comment section below.