Hijabista Looks to Pull Off This Raya

Raya is a festive season where everyone (women especially) wants to look extra good! Being a hijabi is not easy especially when it comes to choosing clothes to match with your hijab. This year, Raya themes are moving towards a simple contemporary look. With this year's Raya trend, you can look simple but still have the elements of modern glamour. We know that Hijab fashion is expanding in fashion industry not only in Malaysia but internationally as well. We can see many of our local designers experimenting their creativity with new designs for both hijabis and non-hijabis. So, it is not an excuse for hijabis to not look good during Raya. Here are some Hijabista looks to pull off this Raya for the muslimah ladies out there! 

1. Simple Classic

Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_7528 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

If you prefer something that does not take a lot of your time during your Raya celebration, this instant semi shawl hijab would look gorgeous on you! It is easy to wear and definitely practical to wear for the whole day. Style it with your Raya outfit that has lesser details on it. Pair it with some accessories like a bracelet and a small clutch for the perfect modest yet elegant touch. 


2. Lush Satin Style

Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_8462 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

For those looking for that sophisticated touch yet simple look will love the satin hijab. Although it may be difficult to style but the satin material definitely enhances your whole outfit for you to show off in front of others. If your outfit is full with embellished pieces on it, the satin hijab look can absolutely balance it out while remaining a luxurious touch. 


3. Elegant Knot

Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_7951 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

This hijab style is inspired by the early generations probably in the 80s where the hijab style is effortlessly chic.  Do the knot with your hijab any way you seem fit with your style and show it off. If your baju raya is rather plain, this hijab style will put a pop element on your whole look.


4. Neck Swirl Style

Zalora Raya 2018  - C49A3313 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

If you are a not square scarf lover, don't you worry as pulling it off is quite easy. The neck swirl style makes you appear beautiful and sweet during Raya.  If you are someone who prefers simplicity but still wants a little hint of modern touch, this style will be the perfect choice. Choose a square hijab design which matches your outfit and twirl it around your head and secure it with safety pins for a neat look. 


Hope this may help you girls choose which style you want to wear during your Raya celebration. Which one is your best style? Feel free to leave a comment down below and have a nice day!