How to Get Your Raya Glow On


It’s that time of the year when people are mostly thinking of what to eat for buka and also what to wear for Raya. But of course its not just about what you wear for the coming festive celebration as complementing your outfit with a clear and glowing complexion to complete your Raya look is also a must. So here are a few ways on how you could get that glow you want for the upcoming celebration.

1.       Adopt a skincare routine


Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Most people swear by these three basic steps and live to see the miraculous results. Add serum and a facial mask treatment into the equation and it will provide you with that extra care for your skin. If you know what your skin type is, you would definitely know what products are suitable. However, caring for your skin surely cannot be done the night before Raya so make sure it has already begun and be consistent in your practice in order to ensure that you will really glow from the outside.


2.  Eat Right


Though the fasting month can somehow alter your taste buds and appetite because everything looks delicious, make sure that the food you buy or prepare serves a purpose too, especially for your skin. Avoid oily food or eating too much of it as it could affect your complexion. Since its Ramadhan, eat a lot of dry dates as you break your fast for it’s not just an energy booster, but among the benefits of eating dates is it can repair damaged skin cells and also promote skin youthfulness. Hence, eating wisely during Ramadhan may help one achieve a glowing complexion for Raya.


3. Stay Hydrated


This piece of advice has been emphasized countless times and yet people are still forgetting to drink up. When you’re dehydrated it will definitely show on your face and nobody wants a dull complexion on the first day of Raya, right? So make sure you take plenty of fluids and with this we mean plain water, even though it’s Ramadhan. Device ways to get enough water intake once you have broken your fast till sahur the next day. Or if you just can’t take plain water, consume food with high water content like cucumbers, tomatoes or watermelons. All in all, a hydrated you will result in a glowing you!


4. Be Positive


Ultimately, all the skin products in the world and good food will do you no good if you don't have a healthy outlook in life. Some call it inner beauty but whatever it may be termed, when you adopt positivity in life you will be less stressful and it will reflect in your appearance as well as even make you look younger (as some people claim). Meditating and connecting with your spiritual side is called upon this Ramadhan, hence why not embrace it to create a calmer and positive you. It is likely that you could already be on your way to filling yourself with some inner glow, enough to shine brightly this Raya.


Since Raya is a feel good celebration you will naturally be all smiles and excited on the day so you will definitely glow one way or another. Of course make-up helps too in transforming your look, but if you can try the suggestions above it might give you that extra EXTRA shine you want for Raya and in turn, bring some glow in other people’s lives too. Do you have other tips we could use? Do share it down below.