How To Melt-Proof Your Makeup For Summer


By Nica Dobles from THREAD PH 

6 tips for a fresh face all day long

One perk of living in a tropical country: beautiful summer days perfect for trips to the beach and lounging by the pool. One con of living in a tropical country: dealing with the high temperatures that comes with the season. Among other things, the increased humidity makes us more prone to sweat, which causes oily skin that breaks down makeup faster.

Unless you want your vacay pics to feature raccoon eyes and excess shine, you’ll need to revamp your beauty routine to make it extra long-lasting. Check out our tips on making your makeup melt-proof for summer!

1. Go Oil-Free


The most important thing is to keep your face from getting too oily, which it’s likely already going to be because of the humidity. Minimize the problem by making sure that your makeup, especially for your face, is oil-free. This will help you achieve that long-lasting summer glow without looking greasy.


2. Prep With Primer


Prepping your skin with primer might be the most underrated and skipped-over step in most girls’ makeup routines. A good primer smooths out skin, helps your makeup last longer, and minimizes shine. Look for a lightweight formula — anything too greasy will cause your makeup to slide right off.


3. Less Is More

Think about it: do you really need a full face of foundation? Try a BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead— it’s lighter coverage, true, but will be longer-lasting and more comfortable in the heat. Bonus: they usually already have SPF, so you’ll have extra sun protection.

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4. Go With Liquids or Creams

Powders tend to get cakey, especially in the heat, so go with cream shadows for your eyes. You’ll also want to avoid kohl pencils, as the wax is particularly prone to melting — stick to liquid or gel liners instead.


5. Skip The Lip Gloss


Lip glosses are fun, but can get super sticky and slippery in hot weather. A lip balm or lip tint is your best bet for a Your Lips But Better hue that’ll last the entire day — bonus points if they also have SPF and hydrating power. If you’re going with a lip balm, look for one with a higher wax content so it won’t melt in the heat.

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6. All-Day Setting Spray


This is your summer beauty BFF. Not only does it stop your makeup from budging and give you a dewy, glowy finish, you can even spritz some on midday to touch up and cool down.


And that’s it for our tips on melt-proofing your makeup for summer!

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