Models Spotted on the ZALORAYA2018 Runway

Zalora Raya 2018  - SAU_7002 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

As we are heading into our fasting month, let’s bring back some of the ZALORAYA2018 Fashion Show up again to excite your festive mood on. As much as you love the ZALORAYA2018 collections by the various participating designers and brands this year, did you realize who were the models spotted during the show? Here we are bringing you a list of some familiar faces that have strutted down the ZALORAYA2018 Fashion Show runway! Who knows you might be a fan of these models down below.

1.     Rita Suraya

Instagram @ritasuraya

Who doesn’t know this lovely lady, Miss Rita Suraya? Rita Suraya is one of the well-known faces in the Malaysian fashion industry. Her face is seen in various magazine spreads and fashion shows throughout the year. Her strong facial feature which naturally gives her that effortless sex appeal aura definitely makes anything she has on look spectacular.


2.     Alicia Amin

Instagram @hangriii

Alicia Amin rose to superstardom with her participation in the famous Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5 competition. Nowadays, Alicia Amin is always seen rocking modelling gigs with various designers and photographers. ZALORA is also pleased to have her doing her powerful strut on this year’s fashion show.


3.     Shikin Gomez


Instagram @shikingomez

Another well-known model spotted at this year’s ZALORAYA fashion show is the beautiful Indian-Malay mix, Shikin Gomez. Winning the first runner up for the Asia’s Next Top Model 2017 competition, Shikin Gomez is definitely making her mark in the fashion industry. Her poise elegant manner and strong strut is what makes her one of the chosen ones for ZALORAYA2018 fashion show.


4.     Rubini Sambathan

Instagram @rubinirubi

Rubini Sambathan had made a name for herself when she won the title of Miss International Malaysia in 2014. Starting her career with a bang in the fashion industry, her sophisticated persona definitely captured everyone’s heart. Working with ZALORAYA fashion shows for years, Rubini will always shine with class on the runway.   


5.     Deedee Nash

Instagram @deedeenash

 Starting her modelling career from a very young age, Deedee Nash, is definitely a name that is known within the industry. Her elegant calm look is seen splattered across magazine spreads and catwalking down fashion runways throughout the year. ZALORAYA2018 fashion show is absolutely lucky to have her donning the designer clothes of Raya collections giving that girl next door look.


6.     Natalie Prabha

Zalora Raya 2018  - C49A7024 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Instagram @talieprabs

This Sabahan lady has captured everyone’s eyes with her sweet innocence vibe working the elegant pieces from this year’s collection. Natalie Prabha who is also a Microbiology and Nutrition student never fails to land a model gig every now and then by travelling back and forth from different countries.


So whose fan are you? Who would you like to see for our line-ups next year? Let us know in the comment section.

Also, if you missed out on watching the ZALORAYA2018 live fashion show, fret not as you can get the highlights of the hype in this video down below.