Mother’s Day Gifts for the Stylish Mom

                                                        Image from Swarovski

                                                        Image from Swarovski

By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

In case you haven’t noticed, Mother’s Day is around the corner. Whether or not your mom claims she doesn’t want anything, doing something a little extra on the day will definitely put a smile on her face. 

We’re here to help. With our list of Mother’s Day gift ideas that the style-conscious mother will appreciate, ranging from exquisite jewellery to comfy sweaters, you don’t need to sweat over what to get her this year.

Something Thoughtful She Can Wear All the Time


If you’re ready to splurge, look no further than Swarovski’s line of jewellery  ranging from dainty to fancy. From its iconic swan earrings to crystal encrusted pendant necklaces and sleek bracelets, Swarovski’s options will have mommy dearest feeling like a queen.

                                         SWAROVSKI Iconic Swan Pendant Earrings

                                        SWAROVSKI Iconic Swan Pendant Earrings


Something to Keep Her Warm


Be it a shawl, cardigan, or cashmere sweater, an outerwear that will keep her toasty is almost as good as a hug from you. Whether she’s into brights or neutrals, a versatile sweater will have her looking stylish either way. 


Something She Can Carry Everywhere


A tote bag, just the right size so it can house her essentials and not strain her shoulders and neck, makes a practical option. A calfskin or faux leather bag adds a luxurious touch, while a straw or woven one brings a relaxed vibe to her look.

                                                     MANGO Leather Cross Body Bag

                                                    MANGO Leather Cross Body Bag


Something that Makes Her Smell Good


Fragrance can be empowering. And what better way to remind Mom of her immense strength than a perfume that makes her feel confident in her own skin? Floral or musky, the right fragrance can go a long way.


Something that Keeps Her On Time


A dress watch elevates any outfit it is paired with. Look for a unique design that combines simplicity and elegance into one statement timepiece — it’ll bring flair to any look Mom sports.


What are some of your gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Share your tips in the Comments section below!