Mother's Day Issue: What Type of Mom Are You?


Today is Mother’s Day! Shout out to all the mothers out there for your amazing courage, strength, sacrifices and mother instincts. Giving birth to a human being is hard enough and raising your kids to be a kind individual is also tough. Whether you are a stay-at-mom or a working mom, each of you are special in your own way. For this Mother’s Day issue, let’s see what type of mom are you to your child? But remember, it does not matter what type of mother you are, mom shaming is not allowed.

1.     Helicopter Mom


If you didn’t know what a helicopter mom is, this is a mom who follows you everywhere because she is overprotective. Although all mothers are protective towards their child, some goes an extra extent of watching their child extremely close in all aspects from education, friends they mingle with to places they go. A helicopter mom swoops to rescue the first sign of trouble.


2.     Martyr Mom


These types of mothers always put themselves last. They put their kid and their husband as a priority in life. This can be seen where the kids are always nicely dressed while the moms clothes are all rumpled, rushed all the time and sometimes have no time to eat. She will give you her last cookie and let the kids decide their next playdate. Martyr moms are not available for night outs because they feel guilty to ask anyone else to watch their kids.  


3.     The Guilt-Free Mom


In contrast of the martyr mom, this is a rare breed but we do know a couple of them. The guilt-free mom never minds to travel for work, go on weekend getaways with friends or even have time for her hobbies. She also does not feel guilty that the husband carries over half the household load and child raising. She love her kids but does not always serve slavishly on her kid’s needs.


4.     Zen Mom


Being a mom is absolutely challenging and there are moms who has that positive clam energy within them. You hardly see them sigh although they are exhausted. They keep their sanity by performing yoga and squeezing some time alone every day.


5.     The Perfect Mom


Okay, these types of mom are hard to compete with. They hardly ever complain, does everything right and looks good doing it. She and the kids always look stylish, her makeup is always on point, have an involved spouse and get the household in line perfectly. But if you know one like this, she does not exist! This is because everyone has their own struggles in being a mother and some may not show the challenges they face to you. 


So no matter what type of mom you are, you do YOU! Do not let others define you because you know that you love your kids and also your own self. What other types of moms do you know? Let us know down below.