Spot the ZALORAYA2018 Fashion Trends

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As we are starting the fasting month, it cannot be denied that some of you might still be searching for the perfect outfit to wear for your Raya celebration. If you are wondering what trends that’s popular for ZALORAYA2018 that you would like to flaunt, here’s a list of fashion trends which could help you decide what will be your style this year. Take a look down below. Who knows, you might make your purchase based on these wonderful 2018 Raya trends?

1.    3D Embellishments

This year the patterns of embellishments on the modest wears are made with a pop-up effect. The 3D like embellishments definitely adds a statement to the pieces making it perfect to show off that sophisticated yet feminine side. Twisting beads with small pop-up flower embellishments gives a modern contemporary touch to the traditional wear.


2.    Leafy Strike Prints

Say bye to florals and welcome the tropical leaves! The tropical leafy strike prints are seen among the popular design in the year 2018 itself. Bringing the tropical element into ZALORAYA2018 modest wear collections, it surely makes women appear in control and bold.


3.    Cape Ruffles

The cape look has seemingly crept into this year’s Raya trend where designers use that element in their 2018 Raya collection. The flowy cape inspired design on the modest wear pieces absolutely adds an elegant flair which helps draw attention towards you. This is the perfect piece to show off your daring side to others while still maintaining a modest appearance.


4.    Triple Tiered Puff Sleeves

Zalora Raya 2018  - C49A3511 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Last year it was all about the puffy sleeves but it is seen to be updated to a triple puff effect. The triple puff sleeve design gives an edgy touch to a simple baju kurung which makes it perfect for those who are looking to pull off that simple chic vibe.


5.    Mandarin Oriental Prints

Who says the mandarin oriental prints are made for CNY celebration? Making its way into the Raya trend this year, the prints are a great shift from the big florals of last year. Giving off that innocent feminine aura, flaunt this print with confidence and you will definitely impress others around you.



So which ZALORAYA2018 fashion trend caught your attention? Leave your comment down below.