Style on a Budget: Spend Less to Look Your Best


By Daniel Loy from THREAD SG

With thousands of fashionable items demanding your attention, selecting the right clothes can prove daunting, especially if you’re strapped for cash. Well, worry not, because your days of forking out plenty of money to look decent are over. Stick to these 5 core principles and you’ll be turning heads in no time.

1. Understand Your Personal Style

                                                      FACTORIE Solo Bomber Jacket

                                                      FACTORIE Solo Bomber Jacket

Budget styling is a ruthless game, and the first rule is to narrow down your choices. It’s almost impossible to be a dapper dude on one day and a street-style hero on another, so pick a specific look that you can appreciate, but more importantly, one that you’ll readily stick to on any given day, no matter your mood.


2. Embrace a Safe Colour Palette

                                                 ZALORA Mandarin Collar Oxford Shirt

                                                ZALORA Mandarin Collar Oxford Shirt

Though all colours were created equally, some have naturally become more versatile than others. Yup, we’re referring to the usual suspects like black, white and blue, but also neutral tones ranging from grey to khaki, brown and a bit of beige. You’ll have an easier time putting together an outfit with those shades than all-too-striking hues the likes of hot pink, yellow and orange.


3. Pay Close Attention to the Classics

                                                   ZALORA Skinny Fit Crinkled Jeans

                                                  ZALORA Skinny Fit Crinkled Jeans

Tropical patterns may be all the rage for summer, but you’ll be hard-pressed to wear them in the colder months. In the same vein, jogger pants may have captivated fashion influencers the world over, but they’ll never be as timeless as a pair of denim jeans. Classics may not headline each season, but you can bet your money they won’t ever go out of style, so stock up on them.


4. Mix and Match Accordingly

mix match.jpg

If you’ve followed rule #2 and #3 religiously, you should end up with a sizable amount of interchangeable clothing. This allows you to form a wardrobe rotation that 1) Lets you make subtle changes to your daily outfit 2) Reduces the wear and tear on individual items and 3) Won’t get boring even after a month.


5. Look out for Good Deals

Almost every retailer will put up past season and last size clothing on sale. The trick here is to be patient. Sign up for their newsletters and you’ll be the first to know when special offers pop up. ZALORA is the perfect place to start your journey to better style, no matter your budget or taste in fashion, so why not check it out now?