The Lazy Girl’s Guide: Styling Your Way To Comfort Fashion



Look stylish without trying too hard.

People have always found it difficult to live by the phrase “comfort is key” and we can’t blame them though. Whether you work in corporate, in the courts or going through your majors in college, working your way around to comfy fashion wouldn’t be an easy task.

Alright, let’s give it up to leggings and sweats for giving us the effortless style all these years, but there are more ways to achieve comfy fashion than just these two staples. Read on to know more on how to achieve looking chill and chic at the same time!

1. Wide-Legged Pants (or Jeans)


I’ve always hated having to wear skinny jeans. They’re absolutely uncomfortable in the way they hug into your calves so tightly and would leave lines across your legs when taken off. Imagine the relief and satisfaction I’d feel when I get to take them off at the end of the day.

Wide legged denims or pants are much more comfortable as it doesn’t constrict any of your leg movements if you do a bit of walking at school or at work. They’re actually quite cooler and breezier just in case it gets a tad bit hot for you and shorts aren’t an option.

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2. Jumpsuits

                        SOMETHING BORROWED Button Down Cami Culotte Jumpsuit

                        SOMETHING BORROWED Button Down Cami Culotte Jumpsuit

The classic one-piece leaves you with zero worries for the rest of day. You didn’t even have to think about what to pair it with, unlike the top and bottom combo.


3. Loose Shirts



raphic tees are loose and will you give you more space to move in for the rest of the day. Not to mention retro is in, this definitely gives you more freedom to dig into your dad’s old shirts from the 80s.

Pajama Shirts

                                       MISSGUIDED Bird Print Satin Pyjama Style Shirt

                                      MISSGUIDED Bird Print Satin Pyjama Style Shirt

Just as loose as the former but a little bit more fashion-forward are pajama shirts. They’re chic and definitely innovative.

Go for silk ones to achieve sophistication with bedtime wear (who knew it was possible) and pair it with heels or sneakers to avoid looking like you need a bed ASAP.


4. Graphic Hoodies

Whether it’s your boyfriend’s or just something you got from thrifting, an oversized hoodie will never let you down.

Bonus: Track Pants


With the rise of the New Athleisure in street style, track pants paired with graphic hoodies have been a fashion fave from 2017 and onto this year.


5. Mules

                         left:  ZALORA Kitten Heel Mules , right:  ZALORA Multi-Strap Mule Flats

                         left: ZALORA Kitten Heel Mules, right: ZALORA Multi-Strap Mule Flats

Comfy and professional never looked this good. First popularized by GUCCI, flat mules took over 2017 by storm. They can turn any casual outfit into an stylish ensemble in mere seconds, and you can put them on fast!

Talk about cleaner ankles!


6. Sneakers


The classic white pair or any of your own will provide you the best comfort for the rest of the day. And for us millennials, sneakers can be worn just about anywhere at anytime, you should take advantage of that!


And that’s it for comfy fashion! Share us your thoughts in the comments section below! And while you’re at it, give this article a clap if you liked it!