The Working Girl’s Guide To Staying Fit and Fashionable


By Sreya Sanyal from THREAD SG

Regular office hours are an obstacle to our fitness goals, but only if we allow it to get in the way. Sitting on a comfy chair for eight hours straight may seem appealing to those of us who hating moving, but tons of research have proven that a sedentary lifestyle is on par with smoking, or worse. Make the most of your limited hours by creatively weaving exercise into your schedule.

And with offices warming up to the idea of employees wearing athleisure, don’t be afraid to don sporty clothing during your 9–5!

Squatting Is Your Saviour

Don’t look down on the Asian Squat — when you’re old and all your friends are getting their hips replaced, you’ll be thanking yourself for having devoted three minutes a day to doing this move. On a serious note, squats help build strong legs, increase muscle mass and burn pesky fat. It’s time to get low!


What A Wonderful World

If you can’t afford a gym membership or do not live in an area populated by gyms, fret not! Roads, bridges and stairs are cheap and effective ways to get your sweat on, and you won’t have to deal with obnoxious gym-goers if privacy is something you value. It’s just you, your music, and the long stretch of concrete that lies ahead of you. If running in public makes you anxious, take baby steps and start with ten-minute walks to your office.



If you’re desk-bound for a good ten hours or so, it makes sense to get up and stretch your cramped limbs once in a while. While you’re not going to become a world-class athlete by vigorously swinging your legs under the table, be rest assured that you would have burned a few calories in the process. While you’re seated, simply squeeze your butt together and hold the position for as long as you can. For working out those (popping) biceps, raise both arms to the airs and swing them around in a circular motion.


Sleeping Beauty

Think of your bed as the world’s most comfortable yoga mat. On the days you don’t feel like parting ways with its soft familiarity, you can stay in and work on strengthening your abs and core instead. Lay flat on your back and raise your legs into the air until they form an “L” shape, and bring them down to just a few centimeters short of the bed. Repeat this set 10 times until you feel the sweet pain of muscles developing in your abs. Want to do more? You can perform planks if your mattress is hard enough.


Is 2018 the year you finally get moving? Let us know in the comments below!