ZALORAYA2018 Exclusive Interview with the Talented Designer, Alia Bastamam

Alia B26485.jpg

Her sensual feminine designs and exquisite touches definitely made Alia Bastamam one of the respected designer names in the fashion industry. The elegant elements twisted with up-to-date glamorous trends makes Alia B. ZALORAYA2018 collections a must-have this coming festive season. ZALORA is proud to get an exclusive interview with this lovely designer on what inspired her for this year’s Raya collection as well as giving us some scoop of her Raya childhood memories. Take a read down below to know more.

1.    Each and every single one of us has their own childhood Raya memories. Share with us one of your favourite childhood Raya memories that bring back the festive spirit in you.

I’ll always remember making karipap pusing with my late grandma – it was her specialty and a family recipe sent down some generations. Also I’ll never forget watching both my grandmothers cutting fabric and sewing Baju Raya for me and my cousins.


2.    What are among the traditional games you used to play when you were a little girl?

Definitely Batu Seremban!


3.    Describe to us how your annual Raya celebration looks like.

When we were younger, when my grandparents were still around, we would always balik kampung. There, they would cook in an open kitchen the traditional way over a home-made firewood stove. I would help around the kitchen a lot because I was the eldest grandchild, and I learned my way around the kitchen from my aunts and grandma. Even now, I’m really quite handy in the kitchen! These days we don’t balik kampung anymore but that doesn’t stop celebrating Raya in the city – always with relatives and lots of food! I could say it’s even livelier now that there are more children around since all of us grandkids have grown up.


4.    What inspired you to come up with this year’s Raya collection?


My past Raya collections for ALIA B. have been prim, proper and in solid classic colours like rose, maroon and taupe. This year I was inspired by the beauty in the diversity of women, and it was apt for me to try something a little different, without fleeing too far from the ALIA B. and Alia Bastamam aesthetic. I injected colours, prints and textures but stuck to silhouettes that are true to my own style. Since the collection was brighter than usual, I kept to relaxed, quiet and modern silhouettes. There are colourful bursts of florals for a bold look, and pearl embellishments on pastel ensembles for the more dainty looks. I created looks for different types of women and girls.


5.    If you could name one, what is your favourite piece from your Raya collection this year.


The Charlene full lace kaftan tunic – it’s black with embroidered flowers in white and bronze. I like that it’s appropriate for daytime, and you can dress it up elegantly for the evening. And it’s really easy to wear.


6.    In three simple words, describe to us your 2018 Raya collection.

Alia B25884.jpg

Lush, diverse and fresh!


7.    Tell us when did you start creating the Alia B. Raya 2018 Collection?


ALIA B. collections are created way in advance. For Raya 2018, I made fabric selections in September 2017 (right after we wrapped KLFW madness), and by November all samples were created and sent out for production. That practically left my team and I with two months for design and creation. And since Raya arrives earlier each year, Raya 2019 will start way ahead – things like this make me so thankful for my design team!


8.    We are sure your fans would love to know what other future projects are in store from you. Share with us what your fans could look forward to?

 I’ve already started work on most of the ALIA B. collection for KLFW18. It’s going to be a bigger collection than usual this year, with multiple releases for the collection so there’s always something new for our ALIA B. girls to shop. There’s also our second collaboration with Sometime bags – these will be on the KLFW18 runway as well and I’m so excited for that! We just finalized a prototype design and made some tweaks here and there. As for Alia Bastamam, my main line, I finally get to regain focus on my Bridal line for 2019 – I can’t wait to get started on working with shades of white and all the delicate fabrics and material.




So what is your favourite piece to don for Raya from Alia Bastamam’s collection? Let us know in the comment section below.