10 Life Lessons Dad Taught Us


By Daniel Loy from THREAD SG

Dads: Hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. We grew up wanting to live up to their legacy, but all they wanted was for us to carve our own destiny. Before rushing out to get a Father’s Day gift, here’s a timely reminder of some of the important life lessons imparted by the old man.

Everyone Needs a Hobby
Whether it’s football, reading or even board games, a focused person is one who lives life to the fullest. So step out of your comfort zone, stay open to new ideas and interests, and you may just find something that keeps you coming back for more.

Intelligence is Good, But Wisdom is Best
You don’t have to top the class or be a valedictorian to be ahead of the crowd. If anything, your worldly knowledge and experience will take precedence over everything that’s printed in a textbook. Speak to those around you — young or old — and hear what they have to say. Let these individuals add value to your comprehension of life. You never know what you might learn.

Always Dress the Part
No matter where you go, no matter what you do, it pays to dress according to the occasion. Dad knows best, whether it’s picking out the right shirt, timepiece or bag. If it’s approved by him, it’ll be approved by those who matter to you.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Be Well-Groomed
Take it from the man who makes an effort to shave/trim his facial hair, spray on some cologne and keep his clothes neatly pressed. Do likewise and you’ll never have to try too hard to make an impression ever again.

Be a Gentleman, Always
Boys are a dime a dozen, but a man of chivalry will know how to treat his friends and family right. Now that’s hard to find. Forget grand gestures shown by the media and instead, focus on the little things that matter, like opening doors and thanking waitstaff for their service. You’ll be surprised at how far that takes you.

Set Reasonable Ambitions
Your old man set goals for every stage of his life, and part of that includes you. There’s no need to follow his pace or have the exact same plan, but you should always aim to be the best version of yourself. That ought to make him proud.

Hard Work Beats Talent
Ever looked at world-class athletes and personalities, and wondered how they got to where they are? If you thought it was all in the genes, think again. No one, not even Olympic medalist Joseph Schooling, made it to the top without putting in the hours and effort. So get off that couch and get going today!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Spilled coffee and a bad day at work never seemed to faze your old man. Take a leaf from his book and discover what it takes to be unshakable in the face of unfavourable situations. It’s in such moments when your resolve and values are put to the test, so here’s when you can show that you and him are cut from the same cloth.

It’s Okay to Fail
Like it or not, every success is built upon failure. Nobody likes the feeling of being down and out, but it’s precisely through such instances that toughness is instilled. As long as you make it out intact, you’re one step closer to winning.

Above All, Enjoy the Ride
Life’s always going to be an unpredictable series of ups and downs, no exceptions to anyone. Hold on too tightly to the negative and you’ll get exhausted. Instead, choose to hang loose and embrace the good and bad as they come. Any road bumps will even themselves out, and you’ll find yourself at peace and ready for more.

What are the life lessons that your father taught you when you were growing up? Let us know your stories in the comment section down below. And Happy Father's Day!