4 Beauty Looks to Pull Off This Raya

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Raya is a celebration where everyone wants to look good which is, in other words "Beautiful". Every year, women will do a certain makeup look that suits their outfit during Hari Raya. Some will go for a bold edgy look to appear stunning during the first day of Raya while others maintain that natural blush touch of makeup. If you are one of those ladies who cannot figure out what makeup look you would to pull off this coming Raya, here are four beauty looks that can enhance your natural beauty effortlessly.

1. Classic Look

Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_7396 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

A classic look is a look whereby you just do a define wing eyeliner and wearing a bold color of lipstick. This look really makes you look like the late Saloma which represents the "Malayness" in a woman. It looks sexy & edgy at the same time! 


2. Peachy Look

Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_7454 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Peachy look is a beautiful look inspired by the Koreans but on Malaysian we called it as Natural Look. It is an easy look which we use one tone of color in the whole face which will make your face look fresh and dewy all day long. If you have a tan skin color, don't you worry, the nude peach color suits everyone!


3. No Makeup, Makeup Look

Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_7358 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

No makeup, makeup look is where you apply minimal makeup on your face which make us appear natural and still maintain the original skin tone appearance. Simply make use of your foundation, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and bronzer to help enhance your facial feature. Also apply a lip tint or maybe a lip-balm to get that natural moisture lip look.


4. Earth-Tone Look

Zalora Raya 2018  - DDY_7496 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

This look is between that heavy and natural appearance! Yes, we know sometimes women still want to look extra EXTRA gorgeous. So this makeup look will be the perfect one for you. Use a lot of nude brownish shades on your face to bring out your sophisticated sexy appeal.  The main point about this makeup look is, extra bronze and a brownish eyeshadow color with no  highlighter. 


So, what is your makeup look for this Raya? Any tips? Share with us in a comment box below & Selamat Hari Raya, have a safe drive and enjoy your Raya!