5 Travel Bags Every Globetrotter Should Own


By Daniel Loy from THREAD SG

Any adventurer worth his salt will tell you that choosing the right travel bag is the first step to a smooth and enjoyable trip. No matter how stunning your vacation outfit is, getting caught with a dull and worn out piece of luggage is a no-go for anyone intent on jet-setting in style.

Whether you’re heading for a weekend escapade or a business conference, there are plenty of bags that fit the bill and make you look like a seasoned traveller, even if you’re not. Here are five common types for the man who’s always on the move:

Weekend Hand-Carry


Last minute getaways are slowly but surely becoming the norm, and time is of the essence in such cases. The weekend bag becomes the perfect option for stuffing a whole bunch of travel essentials effortlessly even just hours before boarding time.

Pick a bag that fits within the dimensions for international carry on luggage, and find one that has ample compartments for big and small items alike. For practicality’s sake, ensure that your hand-carry has both grab handles and a shoulder strap to let you carry it whichever way you like.


Laptop Bag


Got an important business meeting to attend? Leave the cumbersome briefcase behind and grab its modern, sleek equivalent instead.

The laptop bags of today resemble typical backpacks, yet come with a padded sleeve catered to most laptop sizes. They also offer sufficient space for a change of clothes, work documents and other accessories, should you find yourself ahead of schedule and doing some city exploration.


Tough-As-Nails Hard Case


Extended vacations call for a more substantial piece of travel gear, and there’s nothing that measures up to the task quite like a full-sized luggage.

A retractable top-handle and four-way wheels make maneuvering this travel companion around the airport an easy job, while the hard-shell design and TSA-approved combination lock keeps your belongings from falling into the wrong hands. Consider paying more for expandable models that afford some extra room for unexpected shopping hauls.


Do-It-All Duffel


Going from airplane to adventure in a jiffy is no far-fetched idea when you have a rugged duffel bag handy.

Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, this category of bags boast waterproof and durable fabrics to match up to the harsh elements, along with sturdy straps that take the load off your shoulders. They also come in a variety of colours and patterns to suit your style, even when you’re climbing mountains or trekking through forests.


Packable Daypack


Complementing all of the bags above is the humble packable daypack. This pocket-sized wonder folds into virtually nothing, stows itself in any nook and cranny you can find and certainly won’t cramp your style.

Some even come with adjustable shoulder straps and zippered compartments to store a bunch of travel essentials. Excellent for day trips and excursions.