6 Things Women Have to Do to Be Safe


Women realize that they should always take precautions in making sure they feel safe every time they step out of the house. Our parents taught us to keep ourselves prepared and to always watch our back especially when we are alone. Some situations require more diligence than others and it may be sad and frightening but that is what women have to do to be able to enjoy their freedom.

1.     Keeping one earbud out when jogging

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Although this may be a simple task but it is what women do to keep themselves aware of their surrounding while they are out burning away those calories. You need to always be able to hear what is coming up behind you as vehicles and bikes are concerning. Even worse, a potential attacker!


2.     Never opening the door when you don’t expect it


Yes, women do not open the door for someone they do not expect to come to their house. Women often stay quite inside until the doorbell stops ringing or trying to sneak a peek through a window without getting caught.


3.     Checking the rear view mirror


This may be a part of driving safety but women often check their rear view mirror while driving or even in a parked car to know that no one is following them.


4.     Never leaving your drink unattended at a party


Yes it is fun to flaunt your amazing dress and meet new people but be smart and never leave your drinks unattended at any social gatherings because you might know what other people might have up their sleeves. You do not want to get drugged.


5.     Charging your phone full

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It is always smart to charge your cell phone full before leaving from one location to another as if something happened to you along the way, you will be able to reach out for help by calling a friend, using the GPS on your phone and searching the internet. This avoids you from communicating with strangers at a place you are not familiar with.


6.     Never meet with creepy people by yourself


We are talking the cable guy, the landlord or even the electrician guy who you never met before. Never meet with them alone. Be sure to always have a friend (male friend is recommended) or your brother to accompany you.


So what are other ways you practice to ensure that you feel safe? Let us know in the comment section below.